Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 404


Chapter 404 

Jane went back to where Zane and Zac were still drinking

They immediately noticed the absence of their sister 

Mommy, where’s our sister?Both of them asked anxiously

Jane snapped out of her daze and answered with a depressed expression, I lost her.” 

on dawned on her. She was not only worried, but she 

It was not long before the weight of the finally realized how careless she was. Now she was blaming herself

If she hadn’t been careless, she wouldn’t have lost Zoe

But whoever took Zoe away and for what purpose was also alarming

Jane’s first suspect was the Reincarnation Path organization, but then why would they choose Zoe

Just when Jane was at a loss, the person in charge of the amusement park came and took her to the monitoring room to check the footages

The surveillance system of the amusement park was not damaged, fortunately. They were able to find the footage of when she was waiting for Zoe in the bathroom as well as the cleaning staff who came and left

Jane also suspected the cleaning staff of possibly carting her daughter away. He or she was captured clearly in the footage

However, the other party was wearing full uniform, a hat, and a mask, so she couldn’t see the whole picture clearly

Afterwards, they checked all the surveillance cameras of the amusement park and watched the cleaning staff’s activity route throughout

Sure enough, after the cleaner came out of the bathroom, he or she pushed the cart and left the amusement park

Afterwards, he or she got into a black car. The surveillance camera was able to capture the license plate number of the car, and the person in charge of the amusement park immediately sent someone to call the police for investigation

After confirming that Zoe was taken away by the cleaner, Jane didn’t have the heart to stay in the amusement park anymore, so she took Zane and Zac back

Because the investigation took time, Jane had no other choice but to wait for news

When Drake arrived, the police station hadn’t found any followup information

But Zoe, who woke up, found herself in a clean room at the moment

She sat up slowly, and after being in a daze for a while, she recalled what happened

She remembered that she went to the bathroom with Mummy, and then, when she walked out of the cubicle to go out and find her, someone covered her mouth and nose

She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t make any sound. In the end, she slowly lost consciousness

Guessing that she was probably kidnapped, Zoe panicked and began to check the surrounding 

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Mommy taught them that when they encounter danger, they must first keep calm and then find a way to escape

When her brother was kidnapped, he was able to come back safe and sound, so she must be able to do the same

After cheering herself up in her heart, Zoe got up and got off the bed, walked to the door, and gently picked the doorknob with her hand

Unsurprisingly, the door wouldn’t open

Zoe didn’t give up either, and turned her gaze to the only window in the house

Not tall enough, Zoe dragged the chair towards it, then stood up on it to reach the window

She was able to see trees outside, but before she could see more of the surrounding environment, the door was opened and several figures walked in

Seeing Zoe looking out the window, the several people were slightly taken aback. The young man who was pushing a wheelchair in said coldly to Zoe

You want to escape?” 

Zoe looked at the two people who came in. There was a young man and an old man on a wheelchair

The old man was about sixty years old. His hair was already white, but his whole person could give people a feeling of looking at a wise person instead of anger

Zoe studied the two of them, and after confirming that she didn’t know them at all, she asked them as coldly as she could with her milky voice

Who are you and why are you kidnapping me?” 

The men were surprised at this. Instead of crying, she was sensible enough to find a way to escape and even ask them for information. They couldn’t help but have a high opinion of her

Such a young child, facing strangers and an unknown future, could still behave calmly. They couldn’t decide if she was brave or just naïve

Are you sure she has the same blood type as Ceddie, and could replace his heart?” 

Dad, when she was in a coma, I had someone draw her blood, and it’s true that their blood type matched.” 

Besides, she is about the same age as Ceddie, so the heart transplant operation may be fine,the young man said slowly

Good.Hearing the young man’s words, the old man in the wheelchair was very excited

After waiting for so long, there was finally a suitable candidate who could aid in the operation of his grandson

Arrange the operation as soon as possible.The old man glanced at Zoe and nodded in satisfaction

Well, when the foreign doctors come to pick me up. I can arrange the operation right away,the young man confirmed

Afterwards, the young man pushed the old man out of the room 

Chapter 404 

Zoe didn’t make a sound when the two were talking. From the few words they said, she also guessed that the person who kidnapped her wanted her heart

But if that happened, wouldn’t it mean that she had to die

Thinking of this, Zoe also panicked. How could she die? Mommy and her brothers would be very sad if she died

Thinking that he would die, Zoe couldn’t help crying. In seconds, her tears began to burst out

After crying for a long time, she forced herself to calm down

She couldn’t just sit and die and wait for her death. She did not want to die at all

For a moment, she began to think of ways to escape

As time went by, there was still no news of where Zoe could be. Jane began to fidget in her place

The license plate number had been checked out, and it was revealed to be fake so they couldn’t use it as a clue

Drake used his connections to check the route monitoring of the entire capital, looking for the trace of the car throughout the process

However, because the investigation was intensive, it was taking a long time

During the waiting time, Jane was very anxious. Her sons were just beside her and they were as 

worried for their sister

A day later, the police station finally determined the final parking location of the car, and then launched a detailed search

Meanwhile, after quite some time, Zoe finally saw a figure again. It was a servant who brought food

The servant was about to leave after putting down the food, but Zoe immediately looked at her and spoke sweetly

Auntie, I want to go to the bathroom. Can you let me go to the bathroom?” 

Zoe already had a sweet face and aura to start with, so when she requested with such a childish voice, the servant couldn’t help but feel her heart melt. There was no way to refuse such an innocent face

Anyway, she was a child, so she couldn’t possibly think about escaping. With that in mind, the servant agreed

Alright. Be good then and I’ll take you to the bathroom,the servant replied softly

Okay, Auntie. I will behave.” 

Zoe pretended to be obedient and nodded

Afterwards, the servant took Zoe out of the room. She seemed obedient, but secretly, she kept looking at the surrounding situation

It seemed to be a luxurious villa. The decorations were just as beautiful as those in Silverbourne

Suddenly, Zoe noticed a child in the living room. She had doubts immediately when she looked at the boy more clearly

Could that child be the Ceddiethat the men were talking about

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