Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 405

Chapter 405 

As Zoe was still studying the boy, the boy, too, looked towards her direction

When he saw the sweet and lovely Zoe, his eyes seemed to light up

Afterwards, the little boy walked towards her

With vigilance, Zoe backed away immediately when he got too close

Young master!the servant greeted the boy respectfully

Zoe peeked warily at the boy walking over with her round eyes

“Who are you?the boy looked at Zoe and asked with a baby voice

It seemed like the other party may like her since he wasn’t being hostile. However, she should be asking

Who are you?Zoe asked angrily

My name is Cedrick,” the boy answered seriously

From the word Ced,” she could guess that this was really Ceddie and that was just his nickname

I amZoe started, about to introduce herself. She was thinking that perhaps this boy could help her escape if they became acquaintances so she could ask him a few questions

However, just as she opened her mouth, she was interrupted by the servant

Young master, this is my relative’s child. She was left with me today due to an emergency. I’ll take her back in a while.” 

Hearing the servant’s words, Cedrick’s small face immediately showed a kind smile

No, let her play with me.” 

The servant was a little hesitant. The master of the house ordered her to look after the girl and not let her run anywhere, but the little young master was requesting her to let the girl stay with him

Young master, how could her low status qualify her to play with you?the servant said hesitantly

Cedrick pursed his lips unhappily. “I like her, and I want her to play with me.” 

Seeing that the young master was not going to let it rest, the servant had no choice but to let Zoe play with him

You’d better be obedient to play only with the young master, otherwisethe servant said in a threatening tone

Zoe was trying to think of a way to escape through the boy in front of her, so she immediately pretended to be obedient and nodded. She wasn’t going to let this opportunity go

I will play well with the young master.” 

At Zoe’s confirmation, Cedrick’s face became even more joyful

Come on! I’ll show you my new toy.Cedrick immediately took Zoe’s hand, intending to pull her where they would be playing

Zoe did not like being touched by a strange boy, but she endured it in order to escape


Your Exwila in illiant 

Chapter 405 

Seeing the young master dragging her away, the servant could only follow immediately

She still had to keep an eye on the little girl all the time

Cedrick took Zoe to the backyard of the villa. It turned out that there was a small playground there

Immediately, the boy asked, This is my paradise. Do you like it?” 

Zoe scanned the playground carefully, considering the boy’s question. However, she was only reminded of her own paradise which was by her mother and brothersside. Her eyes begin to sting

She missed mommy and her brothers. Huhu

Cedrick didn’t hear Zoe’s answer for a long time. He glanced at her face and instead found that her eyes were red and tears were about to fall

Why are you crying!?Cedrick anxiously asked

Her eyes were glossy with tears and he couldn’t help but feel sympathy

Huhu! I miss MommyI miss my brothers” 

“Aren’t you going back tonight?Cedrick asked with a puzzled expression

Wuwu! I’m actuallyUmph!Before Zoe could say a word, the servant who followed immediately stepped forward and covered her mouth

Young master, this is the first time this child has left her mother. That’s why she is like this. Don’t listen to her nonsense.” 

Then, she looked at Zoe again, Didn’t you just want to go to the bathroom? I’ll take you there.” 

Young master, I’ll take her to the bathroom first and bring her back later.” 

After finishing speaking, regardless of Cedrick’s expression, she ran away with Zoe in his arms

After entering the bathroom, the servant put Zoe on the ground and looked at her threateningly

You’d better not talk nonsense, otherwiseIf something happens, don’t blame me for not. reminding you,” the servant warned with sharp eyes 

Zoe’s eyes were filled with more tears, and her pitiful appearance caused the servant to soften her eyes a bit

Zoe sniffed, and said aggrievedly, I know. I won’t talk nonsense.” 

Auntie, I will be good. Please don’t hit me.” 

Hearing Zoe’s obedient answer, the servant nodded in satisfaction

As long as you are obedient, I won’t beat you,” the servant coaxed softly

After warning Zoe a few more times and letting her actually use the toilet, the servant took her back to the backyard

In the backyard, Cedrick was sitting in the playground. Seeing Zoe come back, he immediately beckoned her over

Zoe glanced at the servant. As soon as the servant nodded in approval, she then went to him

Because Cedrick liked her very much, he didn’t restrain with playing with her. He would let her touch all the toys and even took out his favorite robot


Mr Warner, Your Exwife is Brilliant

198 24 

Zoe looked at the robot which she already had at home. She took calmly and fiddled with it until the robot transformed under her hands

This was a robot that could change various forms by twisting its parts. There were many forms which it could change to, but not everyone could figure out how

Out of the simplest forms, Cedrick had never unlocked a new form. However, just like the Rubik’s Cube, the robot was able to change into various forms in a short while under Zoe’s handling. It stunned Cedrick

Have you ever played with this robot? How did you know so many transformations?Cedrick asked excitedly and curiously

Zoe kept moving her hands and said proudly, Well, this robot has eighteen forms in total, and I have already unlocked each form.” 

Cedrick’s eyes widened

You know all the eighteen forms? How is that possible? This is a limitededition robot, but aren’t you the child of a servant’s relative? How could you have this robot?Cedrick looked puzzled

Before she could answer, she received a warning look from a servant not far away

Zoe pondered for a while before replying, I watched the video online, so I remembered it.” 

So that’s how.Cedrick didn’t doubt Zoe’s answer and nodded thoughtfully

Well, then, I’ll give you this robot,” Cedrick offered generously

No need.Zoe evaded. She knew that the robot was a limited edition, but she already had one at 


Moreover, the ability to transform into eighteen types of robots were nothing to her. What she was more interested in were other rbbots that could also transform

Why not? You don’t like it?Cedrick was a little disappointed. This was his favorite toy, and it was the first time he was giving it to someone, let alone a little girl. Why would she refuse it



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