Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 407

Chapter 407 

Chapter 407 

Another day passed quietly but Jane still couldn’t find Zoe

As for the Franklin family, they found themselves with a handful of a crying Cedrick

I want Zoe! I want Zoe! I want her to play with me!” 

Cedrick was crying for Zoe, but the old man of the Franklin family was helpless about it, so he could only coax him softly

Ceddie, that child has already returned home. If you calm down, grandpa will give you a new toy” 

I don’t want it! I want Zoe! I want Zoe!Cedrick said relentlessly

The old man had no choice but to look at the young man beside him

The young man came up to take over. Using the same soft voice, he also coaxed, Ceddie, don’t cry. Uncle will take you out to play, okay?” 

I don’t want it! I want Zoe.Cedrick still refused to stop crying

The adults could only look at each other with helplessness seeing as he couldn’t be coaxed. Then, out of nowhere, the crying child’s voice hitched. He suddenly covered his heart and gasped for 


His whole body trembled as he tried to gasp for air, but he could only choke as if he was being strangled. Eventually, his knees also started to collapse

Seeing this, both the old man and the young man were shocked. Immediately, they supported Cedrick’s body

Ceddie, what’s wrong with you?! Wake up!” 

Quick! Get the medicine quickly! And let the doctor come over immediately!the old man roared hysterically

Because of his limited mobility, the old man could only sit in a wheelchair and watch the young man pick up the child

Hurry up! Take Ceddie to the operating room. Go and pick up that girl and arrange the operation immediately,” the old man instructed the young man

The reason why he had Zoe locked up in their villa before was exactly because of this. He had been afraid that there would be an emergency like this and wanted the girl near so it would convenient for them to arrange a surgery at moment’s notice

However, yesterday happened and his grandson took a liking for the girl. He was afraid that his grandson would get too attached and would look for the girl after his operation. He didn’t want to hurt Cedrick’s feelings after all of this

Unexpectedly, although the two had only been together for a day, his little grandson still could never forget that girl

It couldn’t be helped. This was probably what would also happen if the operation happened and the girl was nowhere to be seen after his grandson would wake up

Following the old man’s instructions, the young man sent Cedrick to the specially prepared operating 

Chapter 407 

room at the villa. Seeing that the private doctor brought the medical equipment and stabilized the situation, he rushed to pick up Zoe immediately

On Zoe’s side, she still didn’t find a chance to escape, let alone send a message to Mommy and Daddy. She was very restless at the moment. There was also a faint pain at where her heart was which was uncomfortable

She, who had been restless all this time, suddenly heard the sound of the door opening, and her whole nerves immediately tensed up

It was the young man who sent her and the servant here. He had a solemn expression on his face

He scanned the room, probably looking for her, and when he caught Zoe’s gaze, his eyes narrowed dangerously. Zoe couldn’t help but back away at such eyes that seemed to want her dead

The servant also came out of the kitchen. When she saw the man, she immediately said respectfully


Take her and follow me back to the old house,the man said coldly

Hearing this, the servant didn’t dare to waste time. She immediately put down the things in her hands, stepped forward to pick up Zoe, and followed the man downstairs

Zoe felt the man’s panic, but the feeling of panic in her heart was even worse. Could it be that this would the day she had to give up her heart

With this idea in mind, Zoe became even more worried

NoShe must not die

After entering the elevator, there were other people who also entered. The man stood at the front, and the servant stood behind holding her

Zoe turned her head and saw a’couple in the elevator. The man was quite handsome and looked to be welloff

Zoe glanced at the elevator buttons and saw that they were about to get to their destination. Without warning, she burst into tears and began to plead to the couple

Woo! Uncle, aunt, help me! They are bad people, and they kidnapped me! Uncle, please help me.” 

Zoe’s crying immediately caught the attention of the couple in the elevator, and they both looked at her with concern

The young man standing in front also turned his head, frowning

The servant holding Zoe was even more flustered, trying to cover Zoe’s mouth to muffle her cries

Immediately, the man took Zoe from the servant, nodded slightly to the puzzled couple, and said softly

Sorry about that. The kid is throwing a tantrum.” 

Then, he looked at Zoe in his arms with a slight smile on his face, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. In fact, his eyes held a hidden threat only for Zoe

Zoe, you calm down now. Uncle will take you to buy candy later, okay?” 

The man called out the little girl’s name smoothly and accurately which lessened the doubts of the couple

Chapter 407 

This girl looks quite obedient, but I didn’t expect her to have a bad temper,the woman remarked with a smile while scanning Zoe’s seemingly innocent and goodgirl appearance

Well, if children don’t get what they want, they will do everything they can to protest even if it includes throwing a tantrum. I hope you don’t mind.” 

The man’s gentle voice held an elegant lilt to it that anyone listening would tend to believe him. At this, the couple nodded, already convinced

Soon, the elevator door opened. The man nodded at the couple again then walked out of the elevator with Zoe still in his arms. The servant also immediately followed him out of the elevator with bowed head

After getting into the car, the man put Zoe in the back seat. The servant followed after while the man got into the driver’s seat, almost without saying a word, and immediately started the car

The car was speeding all the way. This time, the man didn’t let the servant cover Zoe’s eyes again, so she was able to look out the window

It was a pity that she was not familiar with Berlin, and she didn’t know where she was now, so she could only let the car take her to an unknown road ahead

Don’t look. You can’t escape either way,the man spoke leisurely when he saw Zoe looking out of the window thinking through the rearview mirror

Zoe looked at the man in front of her. Her lovely face turned red as she questioned angrily

What the hell are you trying to do? Why me?” 

Hearing such a childish voice, the man didn’t know if he should feel sympathy or be annoyed. In the end, he answered Zoe’s question kindly

If you really want to know, you and Ceddie’s blood types match. You are also of similar age, so you are the most suitable candidate for a heart transplant.” 

The man’s words made Zoe’s hair stand on end. Sure enough, these people wanted her heart

But without her heart, how could she live

You guys are breaking the law. Do you know who my dad is? If you hurt me, my dad won’t let you go. Right now, Zoe could only use her dad’s name to scare the other party

Unexpectedly, the man only sneered

He’s nothing more than the richest man in Silverbourne. Our family can’t really take him seriously.” 

Zoe’s heart skipped a beat

Could it be that these people are a big family in Berlin?’ she thought to herself. He sounded very sure of their power that he didn’t even blink at the mention of her Daddy 

You bad guys! I won’t let you succeed.” 

After speaking, Zoe suddenly surged forward, stretched out her hand from the back seat, and frantically began to pull on the man’s head who was driving



Chapter 408


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