Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 408


Chapter 408 

The servant in the back seat was scared out of her wits. It was so sudden that she didn’t react on time, but when she recovered, she immediately pulled back Zoe’s hand

But Zoe was also fierce. No matter how hard the servant tried, she still refused to let go and even more forcefully clasped the eyes of the man in the front seat

The man couldn’t do anything but slam on the brakes as he couldn’t see anything. The car stopped mid-road as a result, and then he turned around with a glare

Watch her properly!” 

The servant took the opportunity to restrain Zoe’s arms and upper body to prevent her from doing anything more

Instead of being upset, however, Zoe grinned like a little feral cat who got away with something

Furious, the man was about to start the car again, when suddenly, there was a bang and the car shook. The man glanced at the rearview mirror and found that the rear of the car was hit by another 


But thinking of the emergency at home, the man couldn’t get himself to care about it. He started the car again since it automatically turned off at the crash, but the driver of the other car behind had already got out of their car, ran to the front, and slapped the glass pane of the car hard

Is something wrong with your head?! Who told you to stop halfway?! You caused me to crash! Come out and talk because if you don’t, I will never end with you!” 

Impatient, the man simply took out a large stack of money from his wallet, opened the window, and handed the money out

Here. Should be enough for your repair. Now, get out of the way!” 

Seeing the man taking the initiative to compensate, the driver thought that the man was sensible. However, when he heard the man’s words, he immediately became even more annoyed

It’s great to drive a Maybach and humiliate me with money. How much money do you think I need to repair the car?!” 

Get out of your car and talk to me. Face me like a man!the driver outside still shouted

The man’s patience was already thin to begin with, and seeing the other party’s unwillingness to cooperate, he then threw the money on his face and started the car again

The car sped away, leaving behind the string of curses from the driver

Fine! Hit me and run. Let’s see if you can escape.After speaking, the driver took out his mobile phone and called the police

Drake was still comforting the agitated Jane at his residence when suddenly, he received a call

It only took him a few minutes to answer it then he hung up again. However, when he put down the phone, his expression became very excited

Jane couldn’t help but notice the change in her husband and immediately asked, Have you found out something about Zoe?” 

Chapter 408 

Yes!Drake nodded excitedly and then told Jane about the situation

A driver called the police and said that a car stopped halfway, causing a rearend collision. Afterwards, the vehicle being questioned escaped. The police checked in with the security guards in the area for the road monitoring and found the car. They seemed to have caught a glimpse of Zoe’s figure on the fleeing vehicle.” 

Jane perked up at this

Then, did they find Zoe?” 

The police have already locked on the car and have investigated for the detailed location. Let us drive there immediately.” 

Hearing this, Jane couldn’t wait any longer and asked to be driven there immediately

The man on the other side didn’t know that his whereabouts had been exposed. After returning to the villa, he immediately brought Zoe in and went straight to the arranged operating room

Inside, he saw Cedrick lying on the bed. His whole body was covered with wires leading to various medical equipment. Fortunately, the heartbeat monitor beside him was still beeping

Has the doctor arrived yet?the man asked the private doctor beside him

Heart replacement surgery was extremely complicated, and while their family already had all the medical equipment needed, they still needed to hire other professional doctors

For this operation, the Franklin family spent a lot of money and invited foreign experts and doctors

They are already on the way.the Franklin family’s personal doctor responded

How long will it take? This is urgent!the man said with a bit of anger

He didn’t know if it was because of the incident on the road, but at the moment, he was in a state of disarray. He couldn’t calm down as there was a foreboding feeling at the pit of his stomach

Zoe, who was brought into the operating room, saw Cedrick with a pale face on the bed. Seeing that his body was covered with wires, a trace of sympathy rose in her heart

But when she thought of these people tying her up in order to save him, the sympathy in Zoe’s heart disappeared immediately

If she could not think of a way to escape, she would be the one lying on the bed after all of this. Just when she turned around and was about to move away from the bed, the person lying on the hospital bed stretched out his hand and grabbed her sleeve tightly

Zoe glanced back and found that the person who was lying unconscious a while ago opened his eyes a little. There was a happy expression on his face despite the obvious pain he was going through

Zoe, you’re finally hereCan you play with meCedrick spoke to in a weak voice

The movement here caught the man’s attention. After looking over it, he saw that Cedrick on the hospital bed had woken up and immediately stepped forward in surprise

Ceddie, you’re awake. How do you feel?” 

Uncle, I’m fine. I want Zoe to accompany me. Grandpa promised me that she will be with me forever,Cedrick replied, each word almost becoming a whisper

Chapter 408 

The man felt complicated when he heard this

The two met only once and played for a day, yet Ceddie was so obsessed with this girl. If this girl really died, Ceddie would be sad for a long time if he found out

But in the gravity of the situation, there was no time to think about other things, nor was there a place for hesitation. The operation must be performed immediately, otherwise, the longer the delay, the more dangerous it would be for their little boy

Moreover, although their Franklin family was one of the four major families in Berlin, and they were not afraid of Drake from Silverbourne, but the greater their vision, the more people were watching behind them naturally

Once the matter was exposed, the Franklin family would be damned. So they could not let the girl go 


Rest well for now Ceddie. When you recover, I will promise you anything.” 

Cedrick thought that his uncle had agreed to his request, so he nodded with assurance

Then he looked back at Zoe happily and said, Zoe, I will play with you when I get better. When that happens, you can stay at my house, and I can take good care of you.” 

He genuinely did not understand the concept of love yet. All he knew was that he wanted to keep her by his side

Zoe’s expression remained indifferent. She could recognize that it was a heartfelt promise, but instead of being moved, she stared at him blankly and declared

You’re not going to get better.” 

At that, Cedrick was stunned. Immediately, the man looked at Zoe warningly

He seemed to be telling her that if she said something he wouldn’t like to hear next, Zoe would be punished on the spot

But although the man looked like he was going to devour her whole, Zoe was not afraid at all. Compared with her Daddy, the man in front of her did not exude the same powerful aura

She looked at Cedrick instead and spoke at the fastest speed

I was captured, and they want to exchange your heart for mine.” 

Sure enough, after Zoe finished speaking, the man immediately stepped forward and covered her mouth with such strength that it looked like he intended to suffocate her to death




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