Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 409

Chapter 409 

Unfortunately for him, Cedrick already heard what Zoe said clearly. Disbelief was painted all over his face that he seemed heartbroken instead

Uncle, what she said is not true, is it?” 

That’s right, Ceddie. Don’t believe her. She lied to you because you will get better, so be good, okay?The man looked at Cedrick with a little panic. His hold on Zoe got tighter

Zoe’s mouth and nose were covered tighter by the man’s big palm, and she seemed to be out of 


Cedrick had initially already calmed down as he already believed in the man’s words in his heart, but when he saw that Zoe’s eyes were red, worry stirred his heart again

Uncle, Zoe is about to suffocate. Please let her go.” 

The man hesitantly glanced down at the little girl he’s restraining. His grip loosened a little, but he didn’t want to let go completely, for fear that the girl might say something that would trigger his little nephew again

But Cedrick kept looking at him. If he didn’t let go, his nephew might become even more suspicious

After a moment of hesitation, the man slowly removed his hand and let go

Fortunately, Zoe didn’t say anything impulsive, but she was panting heavily

Are you okay, Zoe?Cedrick asked worriedly

Zoe did not answer. Since the other party didn’t believe what she said, it was useless for her to say anything more. There was no need to keep talking to him

Seeing that Zoe refused to talk to him, Cedrick became even more suspicious

Uncle, is what Zoe said true? You really intend to exchange her heart for me?” 

Cedrick knew his own situation. He had congenital heart disease, and he had to have a suitable heart transplant in order to live for a long time

But his blood type was quite special, so he could not accept just anyone’s heart. It must be of the same blood type

In addition to the blood type, the donor of the heart must also be of the same age as her. With those various conditions in mind, grandpa, uncle, and the others searched for a long time but failed to find 


Cedrick himself didn’t really have any hope that he could have a suitable heart transplant. He had already gotten used to having the condition and had long accepted that perhaps, it was just his fate

After all, in all these years, because of his heart problem, he hardly ever went to school, and he didn’t have any good playmates. That was why he had been very enthusiastic when he met Zoe, and her willingness to play with her just made him more attached

He even wanted to keep Zoe by his side forever

Ceddie, please just rest well and don’t think about anything else.” 

The man’s ambiguous answer made Cedrick even more sure that what Zoe said was true


Mr Wame Your Exwife 


All of a sudden, the boy’s attitude towards the man changed. He began to rise from his lying position 

to argue

Uncle, we can’t do this! Zoe is my good friend. How can she give me her heart? I don’t want to… 


Cedrick was getting a bit hysterical, causing his breathing to be labored, and his face became even paler

Ceddie, please calm down. Doctor! Doctor!” 

The doctor was originally instructed to go out and call the other professional doctors from abroad. Hearing the call from inside, he ran in immediately. Then he found that Cedrick was in critical condition and immediately took out the medicine and gave him an injection

Zoe was watching the scene the whole time, and for a moment, she felt lingering fear. 

We can’t wait any longer. We must arrange for the surgery immediately,the private doctor said to 

the man

Hearing this, the man’s face became ugly. He gritted his teeth, Alright. Start the preparation first, and arrange the operation as soon as the other doctors arrive.” 

Given the affirmative, the private doctor did not waste any more time, took out a needle, and walked 

towards Zoe

Knowing that she would be the next to be put unconscious, Zoe struggled and bit the man’s hand in desperation

Pained, the man instinctively raised his hurt hand to hit her back, but seeing the girl’s pitiful face, he 

couldn’t do it in the end

Forget it. They owed this girl, after all

After the private doctor’s successfully injected the medicine, Zoe slowly lost consciousness

As soon as Zoe was put on the other bed beside Cedrick, someone came knocking on the door and saying that the other doctor had arrived

The man was overjoyed and immediately went out to greet him. However, when he arrived at the door, besides the doctor’s car, there was also a police car

The man’s expression changed instantly. Two people got out of the police car. They were Jane and Drake. Of course

He still underestimated Drake. He didn’t expect the Silverbourne man to find them so soon

Thinking of the child in the villa, the man’s eyes narrowed. He gave a look to the subordinates following him

The subordinates understood without him explicitly saying it. They turned around and returned to 

the villa

In addition to Drake and Jane, there was also a police officer. He got in and out of the police car before walking up to the man

Young Master Franklin, I suspect that your family is related to a missing child case. Please cooperate with the investigation,Officer Warren stated as he walked up to Dennis



Chapter 409 

Dennis merely responded with a mild smile on his face. “Officer Warren, you can eat indiscriminately, but you can’t talk indiscriminately. I assumed you know the Franklin family well? How could we be related to the case of a child’s disappearance? Are you, perhaps, suspecting that our family kidnapped a child? But then for what?” 

The officer, Jose, himself was a member of the Warren family, one of the four major families in the capital. The relationship between the several major families appeared to be in harmony, but in reality, there was an undercurrent

Dennis didn’t really want to confront Jose

Of course, I wouldn’t come to you without evidence.” 

With that said, Jose took out a photo and showed it to Dennis

Today, at 11:36 in the morning, there was a rearend collision on Kastanienallee Street. The person who rearended you called the police. We found through road monitoring that it was you who were driving the car, and there was a girl in the back seat. That girl is the missing child from our missing 


The evidence is solid. What else do you have to say?” 

Looking at the evidence Jose presented, Dennis’s face darkened

He didn’t expect that such a small matter as a rearend chase would allow the police to track down 

the clues

The photo is so blurry. Why do you think that the child in the back seat is the lost girl? That is our nanny’s child, and we just picked her up by the way. She is not the lost girl you are looking for,Dennis argued

A young man who drives a Maybach would pick up the child of their nanny? Who do you think will believe it?Jose asked with a sheer

It doesn’t matter to me whether people believe it or not. It’s the truth anyway.” 

Alright. Please bring your nanny out for questioning,Jose said coldly

The nanny already took the child home.Dennis replied without thinking

Seeing Dennis’s attitude, Jose also showed some momentum

We found out that you haven’t gone out since your car came back, so let’s find out what else you have to say for that,Jose said firmly

Hmph. They just came back with me to get some things and went back by themselves. Believe it or not, it’s up to you.” 

If there is nothing else, Officer Warren, then please go back. I have something to do, so I won’t accompany you out.Dennis gave them a resolved glance




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