Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 410

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Chapter 410 

Jose’s expression darkened at the dismissive attitude

It’s too perfunctory for you to dismiss me with just a few words. I did not get to see anyone involved with the case that I have to see today, so it’s impossible for me to just let it go.” 

Your nanny’s contact information is surely saved. Even if you can’t hand her over for questioning, there is always a contact information,Jose asked coldly


Dennis was also very anxious. Over there was his little nephew waiting for the operation, and over here was Jose who was unknowingly delaying an emergency, which wore out his patience

Dennis, don’t go too far,Jose’s voice suddenly rose. His stare grew colder and colder

Dennistemper couldn’t help but spike up too. But just when he was about to fight the police officer, a figure quickly walked out from the villa

Young master, master heard that there are guests visiting, and he asked to bring them in tea,the servant who rushed over said respectfully

It took a moment for Dennis to process what the servant said. When he recovered, he hesitated for a moment, then looked at Jose reluctantly

Since my old man invited you, then let’s go in together.” 

Dennis believed in his father, and he knew how his father’s mind worked after many years 

downs in the officialdom


ups and 

Therefore, after the servant’s notification, Dennis let Jose go in with Drake and Jane behind him

The angry atmosphere with drawn swords on both sides finally eased a bit

Afterwards, the group of people entered the Franklin family’s villa. Even the few doctors who were forgotten for a moment by the sides were greeted by Dennis and were asked to also walk in together

Jose looked curiously at the foreigners. Dennis seemed very respectful of them, but Jose couldn’t guess their identities

He had always seen Dennis to be the type to not care about anyone at all, given that he was the heir to the Franklin family of the four major families in the capital. He wouldn’t pay his respects just for anyone aside from the other three big major families

Yet now he was being so friendly to these foreigners, which showed that these people must be very important to the Franklin family

But because the foreigners were wearing casual clothes, Jose couldn’t figure out their identities for a while. They also had nothing to do with the case they were investigating, so it was not easy for him 

to ask

After entering Franklin family villa, the foreign guests left under the guidance of the servants and did not enter the living room with them

Jose glanced at the direction in which they left, and narrowed his eyes, a little suspicious that they seemed to be related to the case they wanted to investigate

Chapter 410 

Young Master Warren, please.” Jose wanted to take another look, but Dennis, who was walking in front, had already turned his head and was looking at Jose with indifference

Jose withdrew his gaze, exchanged a glance with Drake who had been silent, and then walked into 

the living room

The head of the Franklin family had been waiting for a long time in the living room, and when he saw a few people coming in, he said with a smile on his face

Boy Warren, I haven’t seen you for a long time, but you are getting more and more energetic.” 

The relationship between the four major families was still very good on the surface. It also couldn’t be helped that they would inevitably meet each other on weekdays. Jose also knew Silas from the Franklin family

Silas was a known veteran in the officialdom. Even though he retired now, he still had a lot of 

influence in the officialdom

It was a pity that after the accident of the young master of the Franklin family, Denniselder brother, the Franklin family kept a low profile, and the head of the Franklin family had not shown up for a long 


Patriarch Franklin!Jose, as a junior, still showed the respect that Silas should receive

Aha! Sit down and try the tea I made myself.” 

With a deep smile, Silas greeted them to sit down and then asked the servant serving in the living 

room for the hot tea

Jose looked at the scheming patriarch of the Franklin family, withdrew his expression, and said in a deep voice

Patriarch Franklin, I am here today because of a missing child case. We have evidence to prove that this child has appeared in Young Master Franklin’s family car, so we are here to investigate the case.” 

Really. Well, the case is important as are the processes to follow. I’ll be happy to help you, Warren boy,Silas said calmly, still with a smile on his face

Hearing Silas being so casual, Jose couldn’t help wondering what the old guy was up to

Since Patriarch Franklin has agreed so, then I would like to request a check on the Franklin family. Would that be possible?” 

Silas pondered for a while. The smile on his face was not as deep as before, but he still maintained it as he agreed

Whatever you want, Boy Warren.” 

Dad, how can you agree? They don’t even have a search warrant. Why should they search our house?Dennis said to his father, unconvinced

It’s okay. Since Boy Warren suspects our family, let him investigate,” Silas said disapprovingly

But, DadDennis still wanted to say something, but his father shook his head slightly at him

There was a spark of anger that wanted to bubble out of his chest, but he suppressed it and didn’t speak

Jose looked dubiously over the fatherson duo and couldn’t help but rethink this. Maybe the Franklin 


Mr. Wamar, Your Exwife is Brilliant 


Chapter 410 

family really had nothing to do with this matter

Thank you for your cooperation, Patriarch Franklin. We shall begin our search.” 

It was Drake who spoke. Jose still lingered on his doubts for a moment, but Drake and Jane did not hesitate at all. After finally finding information about Zoe, they would never let go of any chance

Silasattention shifted towards Drake when he spoke. Actually, since he entered the room, Silas had already taken notice of his presence

As the patriarch of one of the four major families, Silas had always been the one to be highly looked upon instead of the other way around

However, the man in front of him gave off a powerful demeanor, making him, a patriarch, look at this. junior with some awe

He stared at Drake, narrowed his eyes slightly in wonder, and opened his mouth seemingly casually

And you are?” 

Jose stepped forward, about to explain, but Drake spoke up first

I am Silverbourne’s Warner.” 

Silverbourne?Silasexpression sank slightly

Then subconsciously, he blurted out, Who are you? David Warner?” 

That’s my father,Drake coldly replied

Silassank deeper. There was a slight frown on his face, seemingly to be thinking deeply, and he looked at Drake several times

No wonder he felt that this young man was unusual. So he was a descendant of thatperson

Zoe was brought back by Dennis. He only said that the child’s blood type was the same as Ceddie’s, and that he could do a heart transplant for Ceddie but did not explain Zoe’s family situation

Therefore, Silas didn’t know that Zoe was Drake’s child, let alone that she was David Warner’s descendant

Patriarch Franklin, this Mr. Warner is also the father of the missing girl,Jose added promptly when he saw that Silas’s expression had become unusual





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