Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 411

Chapter 411 

Hearing Jose’s words, Silastilted his head up a little at the confirmation

He had always thought that the little girl was a child from an ordinary family

But now, things seem to be developing in a direction beyond his control

Even if Zoe was a child with a background, Silas would not be so flustered. But it happened that she was David Warner’s granddaughter, so he felt a bit of panic

Even then, as someone who had been in the officialdom for half his life, he still showed no flaws on his face

I see. I sympathize with you, Mr Warner, who lost a daughter. However, I can assure you that the person you are looking for is definitely not in our family,Silas said passively

Drake didn’t give any response. He remained looking at Jose. “Officer Warren, you may start your search, please.” 

Time was urgent for them. Drake didn’t want to waste time

Jose did not give an answer yet. The police officer glanced at Silas, who gave him a nod

You can check whatever you want,” Silas said calmly

Dennis couldn’t understand why his father agreed for these people to conduct a search. But his father had already agreed, so he couldn’t say anything more

The three people who got permission from the master immediately launched a search without wasting another second. Jose also brought two other policemen to join the search team

Drake only had a single purpose in mind, so he went straight to the place where he had seen the foreigners enter

It was a smaller house behind the main villa. The location was a little secretive as it was at the back, and he noticed that there it also had a particularly high security system. Drake was able to discern all the hidden traps at a glance

Dennis pushed his father’s wheelchair to follow the search team. When he noticed that the direction they were going to, he immediately stopped them

That’s our medical room. You can’t go in.” 

Medical room?Drake frowned slightly

But soon, Jose explained that Silaseldest son was a man of amazing talent and beauty. Unfortunately, he died young and left behind a son who suffered from congenital heart disease

The Franklin family’s medical room was specially prepared for the young master of the Franklin family. The Franklin family also had a private doctor to take care of the child

This was not particularly a secret thing in the capital circle, and Jose naturally knew about it

Drake’s interest, however, was even more piqued. He became more determined to go in and have a look

I wonder if I can go in and have a look?Drake asked directly

No.Dennis solemnly shook his head

Ceddie fell ill today and is still being rescued. No one should disturb him. If it weren’t for your 

bothering with your personal problems, my dad and I would have never waste time with you,Dennis. said unhappily

Jose turned his head at the accusation and touched his nose in embarrassment

Drake, on the other hand, immediately thought of the few foreigners he met at the door. They were probably the doctors invited by the Franklin family

But if a child was simply sick, it wouldn’t take so many doctors to nurse him back to recovery

When he was at the door just now, although Drake only glanced at those foreigners, he could tell that they were a complete team

A simple checkup and rescue would only require a doctor and some nurses. There was no need for such a large number of people which looked like the same amount of people needed for a major surgery

Major surgery. Thinking of this, Drake’s face suddenly changed, and then he roared loudly, Open the door!” 

Both Dennis and Jose were taken aback. They didn’t understand how Drake could suddenly become so angry

However, although Jane was silent on the side, she also felt that something was wrong

Did you find something?Jane looked at her husband and asked worriedly

Drake didn’t dare to share his guess, afraid that it would scare her, and forced the Franklin family to open the door

Don’t go too far. You don’t have a search warrant. It’s already very lenient for us to agree to a search! You still want to take an extra mile after we gave you an inch? Do you think our family is easy to bully?” 

After recovering from Drake’s cold aura, Dennis said with dissatisfaction

I’m saying it for the last time, open the door,Drake said coldly with the anger of a king. His momentum remained undiminished

You will not go in until the rescue is over.Dennis turned his head away, not daring to look directly into Drake’s eyes

Drake didn’t want to talk nonsense with these people, so he pulled out the pistol from Jose’s waist with quick hands

Drake’s movements were so fast that by the time Jose came back to his senses, the gun at his waist had already been snatched away

Then, under the watchful eyes of everyone, Drake aimed his gun at the security system at the door, and pulled the trigger without the slightest hesitation

Hearing a loud bang, everyone was startled. The security system of the house had been broken. Drake stepped forward, went with all his strength, and pushed open the door

When the Franklin family’s fatherson duo and Jose came back to their senses, Drake had already entered the house

Chapter 411 

Because of Drake’s shooting, the several people in the house were also startled, and they all stopped their movements as they awaited to see what was happening

Jane followed closely behind, and after entering the house, she saw the situation clearly with a glance

On a bed that looked the same as those in the hospital, as expected, laid a boy about the same age as Zoe, with a pale face and wearing an oxygen mask

A group of foreign medical staff, neatly dressed in doctor’s coats, were surrounding the boy in front of the hospital bed

The boy’s upper body was naked, and the position of the heart was marked, as if it would be dug out in the next moment

Seeing this scene, Drake seemed to have confirmed his thoughts. His eyes turned scarlet

He turned around directly and aimed the pistol at Silas who was in the wheelchair behind him

Hand over my daughter.” 

Seeing Drake aiming his gun at his father, Dennis immediately exploded

You dare to point a gun at my father! You sure are abrasive!” 

After finishing speaking, Dennis immediately connected to the internal line, and then, a circle of people who also held weapons surrounded him

Seeing the suddenly appearing man with a weapon, Jose’s expression dropped

Mr Franklin, what are you doing? Do you know that you are breaking the law?” 

Hearing Jose’s questioning, Silas, who was sitting in a wheelchair, looked indifferent, and said leisurely

Breaking the law? Warren, as a member of the four major families in Berlin, haven’t you ever even seen such a small scene?” 

Besides, can’t you see that the people you brought made the first move? We are merely on selfdefense.” 

Jose pursed his lips and did not answer

Not to mention that he was a police officer involved with crime scenes, he was also a member of the four major families in Berlin. This scene was nothing too new for him. Indeed, he had seen worse

All the four major families in Berlin could not stay on top if they had no way to save their lives. This was something that everyone in the circle tacitly understood

Mr. WarnerJose looked at Drake, wanting to persuade him to return the gun to him



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