Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 412


Chapter 412 

Jane didn’t understand the reason why Drake did this as he was not the type to do so, but since he did it, he must have a reason, so she stood aside and didn’t speak

Officer Warren, they are the ones who kidnapped my daughter.Drake looked at Jose who was trying to persuade him to put down the gun


The people lying about it are the evidence. These people are here to perform a heart transplant on him, and his heart was originally my daughter’s heart, right?Drake slowly spit out the truth with his thin lips

Hearing Drake’s words, Jane’s eyes widened, and her face paled

How dare they kidnap her daughter just like that?! And even to take her daughter’s heart by force?! 

Thinking of this, Jane looked at the Franklin family with resentment

What have you done to my daughter?” 

Hearing the angry questioning of the two, the members of the Franklin family shook with a kind of fear. However, they fought to keep their expressions calm

Warner, all of this is just your speculation. My grandson is going to be rescued by surgery, but it’s not a heart transplant you mentioned.” 

Besides, you are bothering the doctor’s treatment and delaying my grandson’s treatment. If something happens to my grandson, I will not let you go.” Silas’s face also became serious, and his voice now held a threatening edge to it

My daughter is involved in this, so you can’t escape either,” Drake threatened coldly without any fear

The atmosphere between the two sides was deadlocked like this, and no one was willing to back 


Jose had no choice but to look at Silas from the Franklin family

Mr Franklin, if you really kidnapped that child, please hand her over.” 

Silas wanted to refute that they hadn’t kidnapped her, but he hesitated when he thought about the fact that Drake was the descendant of that person

Ceddie’s heart must not be changed for that girl’s heart. This, he could amend. However, if he handed that girl over like this, he might implicate the Franklin family

Just as Silas was hesitating, Drake had already pulled the trigger, and a bullet hit the wheel of his wheelchair, making it shift down

Drake’s actions also caused turmoil, breaking the silent stalemate

Those people with weapons raised their hands again and aimed at Drake, which made Jose tremble 

with fear

This was the beginning of a battle… 

Silas recovered from the shock, and stared at Drake without blinking

Chapter #12 

You are one of a kind,Silas said in a voice almost gnashing his teeth

As long as you do not hand over my daughter, next time, the bullet will not only break the tire,” Drake said coldly

Bring her up,” Silas gritted his teeth and ordered the servants beside him

DadHearing Silas’s words, Dennis was the first to blow up. If they brought her out, wouldn’t that be the same as simply admitting that they did kidnap the girl?! 

However, Dennisworry only received a cold look from his old father

Let him think of a way to find a suitable heart source. Ceddie would be fine. But for now, they could not afford trouble

Soon, the unconscious Zoe was brought out, and it was true that she was not in the emergency room, but had only been moved by Silas

When Silas had generously let these people search Franklin family villa, it was within his calculations that these people would not be able to find Zoe, so he was complacent about it

Seeing the daughter which she had been missing for these past few days, Jane could no longer control her emotions. She immediately went forward, intending to take Zoe away, but she was stopped by a group of people with weapons. Their guns were aimed at her

Drake immediately pulled her behind to protect her and looked at the head of the Franklin family with cold eyes

You can take her back, but what happened today must be written off,” Silas said coldly

You kidnapped my Zoe, and you still want to pretend that nothing happened?!” Jane asked angrily

She was still traumatized. The fact that if they hadn’t arrived in time, her Zoe would have had her heart cut by these people and leave her forever

Jane had no intention of letting go of those who kidnapped Zoe

Ignoring Jane’s words, Silas looked at Drake and Jose and said with a threatening tone

It was an accident to catch your daughter. If you agree to write it off, you can take her away. If you don’t agree, then we can only make this difficult for both of us. I just don’t want to make things big.” 

Otherwise, it’s not too difficult for our Franklin family to solve you.” 

Silas was not afraid of Drake. What worried him was only Jose, because although Drake was the descendant of that person, he was already long dead

But Jose was different. He was a member of the Warren family. Although he was only a small police officer as of now, he was also still young and promising. With the support of the Warren family, his future achievements were immeasurable

If something happened to Jose within the premises of the Franklin family, the Warren family would definitely investigate it to the end

Jane felt resentful in her heart and didn’t want to let the people who had taken her daughter go just because of this

Jose did not speak but looked at Drake

The Franklin family made a mistake in this matter. However, they were not exaggerating that they 

eally had the ability to suppress this matter. At the same time, there were also people from the ranklin family in the police station

he four major families checked and balanced each other. This matter was not enough to pull the ranklin family down from this high position

lowever, if Drake persisted in pursuing the responsibility of the Franklin family, he would also be yal and responsible to investigate to the end

Okay.What Jose didn’t expect was that Drake, who seemed ruthless and ready to show his teeth, greed to Silas’s request

learing that Drake agreed, Silas also breathed a sigh of relief. He was still worried that Drake would ot agree, and he would have to think of other ways to suppress this matter

fter hearing Drake’s agreement, Jane was also shocked and looked at him in disbelief

Vhy did he agree to the other party’s request? Was Zoe not important to him at all

hinking of this, Jane felt a different kind of discomfort rise up her throat

Okay. Warner, I praise your courage. Now, then, let’s make a contract. What happened today will be vritten off, and if anyone brings it up to make a fuss in the future, we will not let it go.” 

iilas said coldly with the air of a superior

Drake was not talking. He threw the gun back to Jose and walked over directly, about to take his laughter back

The servant who was holding Zoe didn’t want to let go. She looked at Silas for approval, and after jetting an affirmative nod, she gave up and returned Zoe to Drake

>rake successfully took over his daughter. He only brushed a hand over her hair before handing her 

ver to Jane

lane finally was able to hold her daughter again, feeling both excited and sad in her heart. Tears felt lown cheeks as she pressed their foreheads together

oe was still unconscious, but she seemed to be in good condition as she still had that healthy flush n her face

After kissing Zoe affectionately, Jane raised her eyes to look at Drake, wanting to see what he was joing to do next




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