Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 413


Chapter 413 

Warner, please come this way.The girl had already been handed over to Drake. Silas didn’t stop them and even opened the way for them to leave

Jane hugged Zoe as she began to exit with Drake walking in front and Jose following behind

When their group walked out of Franklin family villa, Drake looked at Jose, Officer Warren, please take my wife to the car.” 

Hearing this, Jose glanced at Drake. He wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. He turned away and took Jane into the car first

Seeing that Drake wasn’t moving from his spot, Silas had a bad feeling in his heart. He didn’t understand what Drake wanted to stay for and continue to do

The matter can be written off, but the revenge of kidnapping my daughter cannot be neglected.” 

After the words fell, before everyone could see clearly, Drake took out a pistol out of nowhere and pointed it at Dennis

The trigger was pulled without an ounce of remorse, and by the time the Franklin family came to their senses, Drake’s bullet had already entered Dennisarm

Drake had also already jumped into the car, and it was now speeding too far away for pursuit

Dennis covered his arms in shock. But as he lost more blood, the pain finally registered, and he couldn’t help but cry out

Seeing this scene, Silas’s face changed. It was a shame that Drake’s movements were too fast, and by the time the Franklin family’s guards came out with their guns, Drake and others had already left. Silas glanced at his son who was crying in pain and then at those people with guns. He only felt a burst of anger rushing to his forehead, but he could only try to calm down

Don’t follow. Put the guns away.” Silas roared angrily 

The servants had no choice but to quickly put down their guns. Silas looked at his son who had been shot in the arm, and the veins on his forehead bulged

That Drake dared to lay hands on his son?! He would never let it go

Help the young master in and let the doctors treat him,” Silas ordered in a deep voice

In the car, Drake and Jane sat at the backseat. The driver was Jose. He glanced at Drake in the back seat through the rearview mirror. Since they were already at a safe distance, he finally couldn’t restrain his thoughts

You hurt Franklin’s son, they will come back for revenge,” Jose said the truth

Drake still had a calm expression on his face. If someone dared to touch Drake Warner’s daughter, they should be punished with revenge.” 

Things were far from over

Drake also knew that after today’s incident, the Franklin family would seek to resettle his last act, but he was not afraid. He simply would never allow his daughter or wife to be hurt

At first, Jane was a little angry because Drake agreed to write off Silas’s kidnapping of Zoe. However


it could be seen that Drake did not hesitate to offend the four major families in Berlin in order to vent his anger on behalf of Zoe. How could she remain mad at that? Besides, she also considered her feelings for her own husband

Jose sent the man to his residence, and then left

Injuring Franklin Dennis was punishing the Franklin family for kidnapping his daughter, but he promised the Franklin family that this matter would be cancelled, and Drake didn’t intend to let the police intervene

On the other hand, he knew that even if the police intervened, they might not be able to punish the Franklin family

The Franklin family was very powerful in the capital. Although this matter could affect the Franklin family in regards to reputation, it would not necessarily hurt them beyond that

More importantly, his current strength was not strong enough. If he really incurred full revenge from the Franklin family, he could not guarantee that he would be able to protect their children and Jane

In an instant, Drake suddenly had a big idea

He was already rich enough. Although the Warner family was not in the capital, he was not inferior to the various commercial powers in the capital

In the years since he retired from the military, he had devoted all his attention to his career. Therefore, the Warner family got even more tyrannical than outsiders can see

But hestill lacked enough power. Only true power could allow him to protect everything he wanted to protect

Jane didn’t know what Drake was thinking. After bidding farewell to Jose, Jane and Drake took Zoe in their house and walked in together

In the past few days, because Zoe had not been found, the mental state of the other two little guys was not very good

Zachary and Zane were very worried about Zoe. They had also been trying to help out in their own little ways

But after all, they were still young. Even if they were worried sick, they had no actual choice but to 


Seeing that Daddy and Mommy brought Zoe back, the two little guys immediately bolted straight to 


Mommy, what’s wrong with our sister?” 

Is our sister hurt?” 

The two little guys asked anxiously and restlessly

Your sister is fine. She just fell asleep,Jane comforted the two little guys. During this time, the two little guys couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, and their mental state also weakened a lot

Mommy, when will our sister wake up?Zachary asked sadly

Your sister will be fine once she sleeps enough. Don’t worry too much, Zac.” 

Zane stood aside without speaking. The expression of selfblame was vividly displayed on his face


Chapter 413 

It was all his fault for not protecting his sister well. Zane grew up with Zoe, and he valued Zoe even more than his own life. It was a natural kind of response for him now to hold responsibility over her safety

After learning that his sister had been kidnapped, he was upset for a long time and blamed himself all the time

He was even more flustered thinking about the worstcase scenario. What would he have done if they were unable to find her

Jane saw Zane’s selfblame, and softly comforted him, Zane, the disappearance of your sister has nothing to do with you. Don’t blame yourself, alright?” 

Mommy, I will definitely protect my sister better in the future,Zane solemnly promised the 

unconscious Zoe

“Your sister will understand your intentions. You haven’t had a good rest for a long time. Since she has been found, you should also go and rest quickly,Jane said to the two little guys

No, we have to stay with our sister until she wakes up,Zachary immediately refused

Although Zane didn’t speak, the look on his face showed the same meaning as Zachary 

Jane didn’t refuse either and carried Zoe back to the room, letting the three little ones sleep on the 

same bed

The bed in the room was very big. Even if three little ones slept there, Jane could still fit in with them, and even then, there was still a lot of space left

In the past two days, Jane hadn’t rested for a long time because of looking for Zoe. Now that the three children were there, she felt drowsy and wanted to sleep as soon as she laid down

The two little guys slept on Zoe’s left and right sides, staring at Zoe all the time, not intending to sleep at all

Close your eyes and go to sleep.” 

Mum, will Zoe disappear after I wake up?Zachary asked worriedly

No,Jane assured the two of them. Fortunately, after her words, the two little guys closed their eyes obediently and went to sleep

Jane also fell asleep

After they all fell asleep, Drake walked into the house, and saw the sunlight pouring from the window onto the bed

On the bed, it was a beautiful and quiet scene

Drake’s tense spirit finally eased up a little, and a smile was imperceptibly evoked at the corner of his mouth




Mr Wamer, Your Ex wife is Bhilant 

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