Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 414

Chapter 414 

Chapter 414 

When Jane woke up, she found a heavy arm 

fingers which draw a smile on heavy arm around her waist. Looking down, she saw familiar long 


She leaned further back and got into the man’s arms, feeling secured in the warm embrace

Drake woke up the moment Jane slipped into his arms. Feeling the softness in his arms, he immediately tightened his arms and hugged her tightly

A soft kiss landed on her forehead, and Drake’s magnetic low voice that was raspy from sleep rang in Jane’s ears


Yeah.Jane nodded

slightly pushed him

and immediately, a soft kiss fell on her lips. Drake wanted to continue, but Jane 

The children are still here

Drake looked at the three little guys beside Jane. But it didn’t matter now even if he didn’t look at them, because as soon as he did, he met three pairs of deerlike eyes

The three little guys opened their wet eyes wide and looked at the two who hugged each other to show their affection

Feeling Drake’s body stiffen for a moment, Jane didn’t dare move. She turned her head slowly and met the same three pairs of wet eyes. Immediately, Jane’s body also stiffened

Mummy, were you two kissing just now?Zoe asked curiously with his eyes wide open

So embarrassing!Zachary also echoed beside him. Only Zane remained silent

Jane’s face flushed red. She didn’t expect to be caught in the act by three little guys while she was making out with Drake again. It was so embarrassing

Drake quickly came to his senses and held Jane tightly in his arms

Since you’re ashamed, I’ll take your mommy to sleep in the next room.Drake looked at the three little guys with raised eyebrows

No!As soon as he opened his mouth, the three little guys rolled forward to hug and climb all over Jane

No! We want Mommy too,” the three little guys said in unison

Hearing this, Drake curled his lips and glanced at Jane, You are almost becoming a sweet potato being fought over while no one wants me.” 

Jane knew that the three little guys were joking, so with a smile on her face, she went along with it

That’s why you have to be nice to me, otherwise, I will run away with my three children.” 

You will never have a chance to escape,Drake said domineeringly and seriously

After finding Zoe, Drake arranged for a helicopter back to Silverbourne

But Drake also knew that even if they returned to Silverbourne, the enmity between them and the Franklin family would not end there. They would inevitably follow



Mr.Warner, Your Exwife is Brilliant 


Chapter 414 

After returning to Silverbourne to rest for three days, Drake finally proposed his idea of leaving for a period of time

Knowing that Drake was leaving, Jane immediately asked him where he was going

Jane, the Warner family is already very rich, but to protect you well, money alone is not enough.” 

Having tasted the taste of power, Drake deeply understood that only by having this power could he protect the person he wanted to protect

So, what do you want to do?Jane asked with some concern

The last time I performed a mission, the organization put forward a suggestion. I hope that I can return to the team and continue to participate in various tasks to protect the country. Once I return, I can be granted a position and corresponding rights. I can only climb higher step by step to protect you and your children.” 

After hearing Drake’s words, Janeth 

what he wanted to do, but she was still worried

Will those missions be dangerous? You have hurt your eyes because of those missions before. Will you be hurt again?Jane asked worriedly

Reward and danger coexist at the same time, Jane. You only have to trust me.” 

But.Jane still felt uneasy

When you’re gone, what about our family?Jane looked up at Drake and asked worriedly

My wife is so good. I think managing the Warner family along with her usual work is not difficult for her,” Drake said with a big smile

You want to hand over the Warner family to me?Jane’s eyes grew large in shock

The size of the Warner family was not comparable to that of her Joes. No! The Warner was a business empire comparable to some large groups in Berlin

Jane was naturally shocked that Drake planned to hand it over to her

Madam Warner, you should be the least to worry about your ability. You are excellent. I believe you will be able to manage the Warner family well. You managed the Warner family well when I was away for half a month before,Drake comforted Jane softly

Butyou were only away for two weeks so it was manageable. How long will it take this time?Unknowingly, Jane developed a little dependence on Drake again. She was too used to having him by her side that imagining him away was strange. It was as if she was missing her other half

Maybe a few months, or maybe longer.” 

Drake couldn’t give an accurate answer. Once he returned to the organization, there would only be more tasks to perform, and it might take a long time before he could return to Jane’s side

And the more task he completed, the faster he could climb. In this way, he could gain more power and protect Jane

Drake, maybe it’s good for us to be an ordinary couple.Thinking about Drake’s leaving, Jane couldn’t help but sigh with emotion

If they were just ordinary people, maybe they would be happier than they were now

Some things are doomed from birth, and there is no way to change them.Drake touched Jane’s 


Mr Wamer Your Exwife is 




Moreover, they stood in a high position and enjoyed the life it offered which many people couldn’t even hope for. Naturally, they had to pay a price for it

Jane sighed and didn’t speak, but she didn’t stop whatever her husband was planning

No matter what you do, I will support you. However, what are you going to say to your mother?” 

From Jane’s point of view, Edith hated her so much now. If she found out that Drake had completely handed over the Warner family to her, she might not agree

Don’t worry. I’ll make it clear to her,Drake promised

In the evening, Drake brought his family back to the old house. On the one hand, he wanted to clarify with Edith, and on the other hand, he wanted to ease the relationship between Jane and his mother

Edith was naturally happy when she learned that Drake had returned with her child. She even went out to greet her directly

When she saw Jane, however, her smile sank. Although she had been expecting Jane to come because after all, she was the mother of her three grandchildren, it still dampened her mood

Jane pretended not to notice the change in Edith’s face and still stood beside Drake

Grandma!Zachary was the most active of the three little guys as he was closest to her. He immediately stepped forward

Zoe and Zane’s attitudes were relatively milder compared to Zac. They simply stood beside Jane after politely greeting her

Seeing this, Edith felt some discomfort, but she didn’t say anything as she let them in first

Drake had called in advance, and Edith had already asked the housekeeper of the old house to prepare a sumptuous dinner

After the group entered, they took a rest for a while and then sat down in the dining area

The dinner prepared by Edith was very satisfying. All of them were the favorites of the three little guys. Because of that, they got busy with eating, and the atmosphere was able to become harmonious despite the strain between Jane and Edith




Mr. Wamer, Your Exwife is Brilliant 


Chapter 415


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