Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 415


Chapter 415 

After dinner, Drake and Edith went into the study

Edith was still a little puzzled. What could it be that her son couldn’t say in the living room that the two of them had to go into the study

What do you want to tell Mom?” 

After entering the study, Edith immediately asked. She was a straightforward person so she went straight to business

Moreover, the three little guys hadn’t been able to go back to the old house for a long time, and Edith still wanted to spend more time with them to get in touch with each other

Mom, I’m going to return to Deragon,Drake stated as bluntly as he could

Hearing Drake’s words, Edith froze for a moment. For a split second, she couldn’t get herself to 

believe it

What are you talking about? You want to return to the Deragon group? How can you return now that the Warner family has been completely handed over to you? What will happen to the Warner family when you leave?” 

Besides, you have already been injured in such a dangerous place! Do you want your mother to lose even her last son?Edith said with a bit of anger

Mom, the Warner family has been silent for too long. If we continue on like this, you will only lose even more,Drake said lightly

Since you know that, then why did you stop me from sending Zane?Edith said angrily

She sent Zane to that place in the first place for the sake of the Warner family, but no one understood her painstaking efforts. In the end, she even caused a misunderstanding

Fortunately, now that Drake was going again, it would be better not to bring Zane back there. After all, he was indeed too young

Mom, it’s not the same now as it was back then. Even if he couldn’t pass the trial, he could at least have one life left, but with the current system, if Zane can’t pass the trial, he will lose his life.Drake said helplessly

Edith also knew about the changes in the rules, so she remained silent

Then do you think it’s safe for you to go? Isn’t it the same danger? If something happens to you, what will your mother do?Edith continued scolding him, tone heavy with regrets

The Warner family already has a successor. Even if something happens to me, you still have a grandson. Besides, you should trust your son,Drake said solemnly

It’s easy for you to say that! That’s what your dad told me when he left, but look at him when he came back later!As the words fell, Edith’s tears fell. It was unbearable to look at her pained expression when she usually carried herself with dignity


Drake let out a soft cry. He was also still suffering from the pain of losing his father


Me Wamer Your Ex 


Chapter 415 

He was sent to that special place back then, and with various outstanding talents, he quickly entered the organization to perform tasks

Usually, he completed many missions with excellence, but in one particular mission, he was injured and left the organization. 

It didn’t help that the failure of that mission was because of his own carelessness. It also caused the death of some people in the team, and let go of a big fish

In order to make up for his mistake, his father in his stead, intending to chase the big fish back, but he also lost his life during the mission

Later, his younger brother was also sent to that place by his mother, but he lost his life during the trial. And all of these chains of events started because of him

Over the years, Drake has been burdened with the heavy guilt

The reason why he tried so hard to find the savior and later his promised one, who was by his side when he was blind, was because during that gloomy time, that girl was his hope to persevere

Edith sobbed softly, but she also knew that she couldn’t stop Drake when he set his mind into something

If you want to go, I won’t stop you. However, what do you plan to do with our company?” 

Warner empire was her husband’s hard work, and Edith would never let all that work collapse

I already planned to hand it over for Jane to take over. With her ability, she can support the Warner empire,” Drake said lightly

After hearing Drake’s words, Edith was shocked, but she didn’t say a word

Jane was indeed the best candidate. She was not blind to not see that the young woman was skilled. It was just that Jane and her were not on the same page, which made her feel a little uncomfortable

After a long silence, Edith sighed helplessly and turned her head away

Since you have already made up your mind, I have nothing to say. I only have one request. Don’t be like your father and come back alive.” 

I will, Mom.Drake could feel his mother’s grief, but for the sake of their family, the children and Jane, he had to take this step

Because he was about to leave, Drake stayed with his family as much as possible, and at the same time, handed over some of the Warner Corporation’s secrets and affairs to Jane

Jane was filled with unbearable worry and sadness, but thinking of the Franklin family’s revenge, she still didn’t say anything to persuade him to stay

For half a month, Drake stayed with Jane and the children. After that, he left Silverbourne for a place 

that Jane didn’t even know

On the Franklin family’s side. Dennisgunshot wound on his hand had almost recovered, but the gloom on his face had not diminished in the slightest

Dad, should we just let them go like this? Ceddie’s condition is getting worse and worse, and my hand! The doctor said he doesn’t know if there will be other repercussions in the future.” 


Mr.Wamer, Your Exwife is Brilliant 


Chapter 415 

I swear to avenge this!Dennis said to his father who was sitting in a wheelchair with a faraway but dark look on his face

Since what happened half a month ago, Dennis had hated Drake and his people. He had been gritting his teeth for two weeks now. After all, he was indeed an arrogant and domineering person

Hearing Denniswords, Silas slightly opened his narrowed eyes

Of course, I have to avenge this. However, that Warner’s second son is not easy. It will not be easy to 

deal with him.” 

Silas checked Drake’s information carefully afterwards. He later learned that Drake was not just some rich boy in Silverbourne

Behind him, there was also an unknown force, and it seemed that it also had some power in Berlin

Silas could not do anything to Drake and the others until he found out about who or what this force 


At least for now, aboveboard revenge was impossible

So what if it’s not easy? He hurt me! Do we just forget it?Dennis asked angrily

Silas gave his son a cold sideways glance. But looking at his son’s injury, he finally said helplessly

If only you were half as smart as your elder brother, I don’t have to worry about it so much. I could have handed over the entire Franklin family to you.” 

Hearing his father mentioning his eldest brother, Dennis’s expression became a little ugly again

Ever since he was a child, his father would always say that he was not as smart or capable as his elder brother. He had grown up chasing and wanting his father’s approval

The reason why he worked hard to find a suitable heart for Cedrick was to make his father praise him. Unfortunately, his father never seemed to be satisfied with whatever he did

Forget it. Let me tell you the truth. It’s not that I don’t want to touch that person, but that there is a force in the capital behind him. Before I can find out this force, I shouldn’t act rashly,Silas said to his 


Dennis’s face darkened. He could only think of Jose who came with Drake last time

Is it from the Warren family?” 




Mr. Wamer, Your Exwife is Brilliant 



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