Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 435


Chapter 435 

Chapter 435 

Immediately, before Jane could return to her senses, a slap landed on Jane’s face again

With a loud slap, Jane was stunned

When Thea saw that Jane was slapped, she immediately raised her fists to teach that person


Jane immediately stopped Thea, Thea, don’t do it!” 

Thea looked back at Jane, only to hear her cold voice, Call the police. Openly beating someone and taking the initiative to cause trouble. There are so many people and evidence here. I must let him sit in prison.” 

Jane’s cold eyes swept through everyone present, those who followed suit against her and the company, and those who held up their phones to take pictures and record videos

Her meaning was obvious. Even those who were making trouble could not escape

Feeling Jane’s cold gaze, everyone felt agitated and shaken

They were migrant workers and had just followed suit because they were moved by what the man had said. They just wanted to take this opportunity to vent their emotions, they did not want to get into a lawsuit

When the man heard Jane’s words, he felt a little regretful in his heart for being impulsive and slapping her

But now that he had already done it, the man could only confront Jane firmly and calmly

Don’t scare people” 

I wasn’t. Anyone with a little common sense knows that it is against the law to take the initiative to 

cause trouble and hit someone.” 

Let’s not mention you causing a scene first, let’s just talk about you slapping me just now. Isn’t it you who did it first? Besides, I didn’t do anything to you!Jane said coldly

Hearing her words, everyone looked at each blankly. Those who understood immediately stood outside, afraid of getting into trouble

After a while, the passersby dispersed, leaving only the group of people who had come before

They were also frightened by Jane’s aura, but they did not want to back down

Thea, did you call the police?” Jane looked at Thea again and asked

Thea was holding her phone. When she heard Jane’s words, she immediately nodded and said, I’m dialing them.” 

When the man saw this, he finally panicked and immediately organized his words, Miss Bentley, don’t call the police, don’t call the police. I was too impulsive just now. I shouldn’t have done anything to you.” 

Yeah, Miss. It was because my son was stimulated by his sister’s death that he became impulsive. Don’t mind him.The woman who had accused and questioned Jane before also stood up and made amends



Chapter 435 

Seeing that the other party was so afraid, Jane snorted, thinking that they were just a group of fraudsters

Reconciliation is impossible. You blatantly provoked me, and now you are hitting people. Now you just want me to forget about it? Why would I do that?Jane snorted, not accepting the reconciliation at all

Then what do you want?The man asked anxiously

As long as you clarify to everyone that your sister’s death has nothing to do with the Warners, has nothing to do with me, and let me slap you back, then this matter will be forgotten,” Jane said indifferently

Hearing that, the man frowned and immediately said, Impossible.” 

Really? Then Thea, continue.Jane did not talk nonsense, and directly issued an order to Thea again

Don’t!The woman stepped forward to stop her again

Miss Bentley, I’ll apologize to you. Don’t care about my son. If you want to hit back, hit me.The woman looked at Jane and said

Jane was still cold and unmoved

It’s alright. I have time to waste with you guys. If you don’t do what I want, then let’s make it a big deal.” Jane’s faint words finally made the man afraid

But when he thought that what had happened today was messed up and he would not be able to get a cent of the money given by the people behind them, he was very unwilling

After hesitating for a long time, the man was defeated by Jane’s cold eyes

I’m sorry, I was wrong. I became impulsive. My sister’s death has nothing to do with the Warners and Miss Bentley.” 

The man closed his eyes and finally said those words in one breath. Saying those was equivalent to driving a knife straight to his heart

He could see his money flying away from his hands. But compared to money, his life was more important. For his own sake, he could only apologize to Jane

After he finished his apology, the man asked Jane again, Is it alright now?” 

Jane nodded in satisfaction, then raised her hand. Everyone thought that she was going to slap the man, but her hand did not land at all

She just touched his face lightly, and then said, Don’t let yourself be used as gunmen in the future. If you really think about your sister, you should go to the police station and watch the progress of the matter. I believe that the police will soon give you a clear answer.” 

Jane still did not believe that Alison’s death was because of suicide. How could such a woman choose to commit suicide because she lost her job

It was just that she could not have imagined who would kill Alison. If Alison was killed just to frame her and the Warners, then this method would be highly vicious

However, the man did not care how his sister Alison died

Now that the matter had failed, he was in pain from the fact that he could not get the money, so how 

Chapter 435 

could he care about his dead sister

Because of Jane, the matter was successfully resolved, and the crowd left

After they left, the crowd on the road also dispersed

Boss, your face” 

When there was no one around, Thea looked at Jane’s face and reminded her worriedly

Jane came to her senses and felt the burning pain on her face

A man’s strength was incomparable to a woman’s. Once he exerted all force, it would really hurt

Forget it. Let’s go back to the company first. Buy me some ointment to reduce the swelling and pain,Jane said to Thea

Thea nodded and went immediately

Not long after Jane returned to the office, Daniel showed up

Miss Bentley, your face” 

Daniel felt a little guilty. Drake had handed Jane over to him, but he had let Jane be hurt. If Drake 

knew about it, he did not know how uncomfortable he would be

It’s alright, it’s just a little injury. I’ll just put an ointment on it in a while.Jane said casually

The reason why she did not do anything, in the end, was because she did not want to get her hands dirty

Therefore, on a particularly dark night, the man who had hit Jane was covered in a sack and his face was bruised



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