Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 436


Chapter 436 

Chapter 436 

At a leisurely pace, Jane also asked Mr. Turner to find a good and capable detective to help investigate this matter, and he must find out the matter of having a chain of misfortunes that surrounds her for these past few days as soon as possible

After Jane returned home after working all day, the three little guys immediately greeted her

Looking at her own three little kids, Jane felt much better after being exhausted all day

The three little guys gave their mother, Jane, shoulders and legs in a very sensible way, and Zoe even brought the latest snacks she learned to make

Mom, we watched the news today, did something happen to the company?” Zachary asked his mother, Jane directly concerned

After what happened at the entrance of the company last time, Jane immediately asked Daniel to go down to investigate Alisson’s affairs

Fortunately, after the investigation by the police, Alisson’s death was indeed not a suicide, but a murder. Only then can Warner’s innocence be cleared

Worried about the ability of the police station to handle affairs

Hearing this, Jane was slightly surprised by the unexpected question from his son in his age, It’s nothing, you don’t have to worry.” 

Your main responsibility now is to study hard, eat well, and grow up quickly.” 

When the three little guys are attentively listening to their mother’s words, they nodded seriously

We will grow up quickly and share the burden for you, Mommy.The three little guys promised

Hearing this, Jane felt full of happiness in his heart

Mom, why did that Uncle Adam come to live with us?Zachary asked again what he cared about the 


Daddy’s not there, it’s too strange for Mommy to let a strange man come to the house, although that uncle doesn’t look like a bad person.” 

That’s Mommy’s senior way back in my study days. He wanted to stay for a while, but it was inconvenient outside, so Mommy let him come to the villa.Jane explained patiently

Adam didn’t live in the same house as them. The villa was very big and there were many houses, like many courtyards. Adam lived closer to them, but he didn’t live in their building

Upon hearing Jane’s explanation, although Zachary still vaguely understand it, he didn’t say anything 


Seeing that their mother was tired, based on how their mom looked the three little guys were very sensible and didn’t stay with Jane for too long

After Jane washed up, she lay on the bed and looked through today’s events. Although the group of people left in despair, the incident was posted on the Internet and caused a lot of heated discussions

There are all kinds of comments below the incident, some good, and naturally some bad

Chapter 436 

And it seems that someone is deliberately guiding public opinion, commenting on a lot of negative news about the Warner family, even the previous murder case in Berlin City was brought up

The implication is that Warner Group is not good, and feels that Warner Group is unknown. Jane looked at it for a while, and found that although the IDs who commented on these words have different avatars and different nicknames, they are all very similar

Sensing that someone might be behind the scenes deliberately fueling the flames, Jane immediately got up from the bed, then turned on the computer, and traced the ID address on it

After looking up a few IDs, and found that they were all zombie accounts without realname authentication. Jane became more certain of her guess that someone was behind all of this

After checking several IDs in a row, but found no useful information, Jane had no choice but to turn off the computer and go back to bed

Holding the mobile phone, Jane clicked on the dialog box with Drake. The woman really wanted to tell her husband, Drake what happened during this period, but she was worried that Drake would be worried once he saw the news. After hesitating for a long time, she only edited a sentence 

I miss you very much!After clicking sendwithout hesitation, Jane put down the phone and prepared to rest

In the middle of the night, Jane, who was sleeping deeply, suddenly heard a small voice, and woke up instantly, with a thump in her heart

After waking up, the sound of the door opening became clearer, and Jane tensed up all over

After moving into the villa, she was absolutely sure that there was no problem with the security system of the villa, and there were no amulets or weapons in the room

After a while, if a thief really broke in, she could only fight recklessly

Just as Jane gathered all her energy and prepared to deal with the sudden intrusion from outside the door, the door opened

Slight footsteps came slowly, and a tall figure was reflected into the room

Who are you!?!Jane exclaimed, hoping that the other party would know that she was awake, and 

leave in a sensible manner

No, after her words, there was a long silence, and the other party seemed to have not moved for a long time

Just as Jane was about to get out of bed, a deep and hoarse voice sounded in the room

Love, it’s me!” 

Hearing the familiar voice, the tension in Jane’s heart immediately dissipated, and she jumped out of bed without any hesitation, and went straight to Drake at the door

Flying forward, Jane immediately hugged Drake

DDrake, it’s really you” 

At this moment, Drake couldn’t control his emotions any longer, and threw himself into Drake’s arms, hugging Drake’s neck tightly with both hands, tears fell from her eyes

When Drake was not around, she could still stand up strong, but as soon as her husband appeared

Chapter 436 

she felt particularly wronged in her heart, and wanted Drake’s comfort and hug

At this moment, Jane once again clearly felt how important Drake was to her

Jane, it’s me, I’m back!” 

Drake also hugged the delicate body in his arms tightly, with a deep feeling of longing

After being excited, Jane calmed down, and without letting go of Drake’s arms, she slightly moved away, looking at Drake’s tired face under the dim light

Why are you back? Didn’t you go to that special place?” 

Hearing Jane’s questioning, Drake smiled slightly before answering Jane’s question

The mission is completed, and I am going to go back to report. There is still plenty of time, so I will sneak back to see you.” 

Hearing this, Jane was moved, Is that why we can’t reveal your current whereabouts? No wonder you came back secretly and sneaked into my room.” 

Drake laughed softly, couldn’t help raising his hand to scratch the tip of Jane’s nose, and then said

My wife is smart!” 

After Drake’s words, Jane couldn’t help but reached out and patted his chest

Don’t coax me with those nice words!” 

It’s coaxing, I’m telling the truth.Drake said calmly

Then when are you leaving?Jane was in a good mood, and her tone towards Drake softened a bit

Drake glanced out the window, and replied reluctantly, I have to leave at dawn.” 

In such a hurry?Jane was full of reluctance when she heard the man say that he was leaving at 


Well, there are other things to do.Drake frowned and said, not really wanting to talk about these things with her

Jane really wanted to know what Drake had been doing during the time he was away, and when she heard that Drake was leaving at dawn, he pulled her husband to sat down at the bedside

After turning on the bedside lamp, Jane realized that Drake was covered in dust. Jane had a slight obsession with cleanliness, so she couldn’t help but let Drake wash it 

You’re so dirty, you must go wash first!” 

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Chapter 437


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