Mr. Warner Your Ex-Wife is Brilliant by Paula Chapter 437


Chapter 437 

Can’t wash!Drake shook his head

It’s against the rules to come back this time, and we can’t let people find anything unusual, so I can only bear it.Drake said with a light smile

Hearing what Drake said, Jane didn’t hesitate, so she pulled Drake to the bed and sat down, and then couldn’t wait to ask him

You’ve been there all this time, what have you done?” 

Drake had known for a long time that Jane would definitely ask, so he said perfunctorily, It’s nothing, it’s just to carry out actions to defend the country.” 

Hearing Drake’s light and calm answer, Jane was not at ease

Are you injured? Is it dangerous?” 

From the time Drake decided to do this, Jane knew that it must be a dangerous thing, but she supported him wholeheartedly, so she could only support Drake without hesitation

But his comfort, she is still very worried

There will definitely be dangers, but it’s not like you don’t know how powerful your man is.Drake remained calm for fear that Jane would be worried

Don’t say that kind of thing. If you were really powerful, why would you hurt your eyes back then? Even if you were powerful, you are still a mortal body. You have no eyes, and you can get hurt easily. You have to pay attention to it?” 

Listening to Jane’s instructions, although trivial, Drake felt warm in his heart, did not speak, and just looked at Jane with a smile, as if he would never see through

In the past, I was young and ignorant, but now, I won’t!Drake shook his head and said

Nothing happened in Silverbourne recently, right?Drake was also worried about Jane, and immediately asked, he was often in a state of no news, and could not get news from Jane quickly

Hearing Drake’s questioning, Jane hesitated for a moment, wondering if she should tell him what happened to Warner’s recently

But when she hesitated, Drake immediately sensed something was wrong

What happened?The man asked bluntly

Seeing Drake’s attitude, Jane also knew that it would be impossible not to talk, so she could only talk to Drake evasively

The hand behind the scenes must be the Franklin family!Drake said through gritted teeth

Hearing what Drake said, Jane told Drake about Adam again

After hearing this, Drake’s expression also became complicated. He knew something about the previous generation, but he was not very clear

Now hearing Jane talk about his husband’s father’s involvement with the capital, her heart is also in confused


Mr Warm Your Ex wife is 


As a son, he naturally couldn’t benefit from his father’s choice back then, but if it attracted the covetousness of other big families in Berlin, then the Warner family would indeed be quite dangerous

However, he couldn’t be by Jane’s side yet, making his wife bear everything, Drake felt even more uncomfortable

Jane, remember, the Warner clan is not the most important thing, you and our children are. If it reaches a certain point, the Warner clan must be the first to give up, you know?” 

Because she couldn’t be by Jane’s side now, Drake could only tell Jane that at the critical moment, nothing about the Warner family was important, and they themselves were the most important

Hearing this, Jane’s heart felt warm, which proved that they were also very important to the man

Well, I understand!Jane nodded. Of course, she would not joke about the child’s life. If it really came to the point of necessity, she would definitely choose the child

With Jane’s answer, Drake felt relieved

The two just stared at each other, and the atmosphere gradually became ambiguous and hot

Drake had worked so hard to come back to see Jane, of course it wasn’t really just to see his wife

When it was hard to control himself, Drake grabbed the back of Jane’s head and kissed her

Jane also responded enthusiastically to Drake’s kiss. When the dry wood met the raging fire, the whole burning room became extremely hot for a while

In the morning, before dawn, Drake got up, and when he moved, Jane also opened her eyes

If it was a normal days and Drake was tormenting her so badly, it would be impossible for Jane to wake up so early, but because of the reunion with him after a long absence, Jane didn’t feel sleepy 


After Drake got up, Jane also sat up

Are you leaving?Jane said with a tone of reluctance and nostalgia

Drake had already put on his clothes, and when he heard Jane’s voice, he turned around and sat on the bed again, raising his hand to stroke Jane’s hair, full of pampering and tenderness

Sorry, I have to go!” 

Hearing Drake’s apologetic words, although Jane was heartbroken, she still held back her tears

Well, be careful, our children and I are waiting for you to come back.” 

I’ll be a fine and be a good boy!After touching Jane’s face again, Drake got up and left

Until Drake’s figure disappeared from the room for a long time, Jane never recovered, tears also slipped down unconsciously 

The next day, Jane didn’t wake up until after ten o’clock in the morning. After opening her eyes, Jane stared blankly at the ceiling, feeling a little dazed about what happened last night

She was even a little unsure if Drake had come back last night

But when she sat up, feeling the pain like being run over by a car, and the bruises on her chest, Jane 


Chapter 437 

finally affirmed that everything last night was not a dream, and her husband really came back

But he left again

Thinking of this, a touch of sadness and loneliness emerged in Jane’s heart

In order not to let herself be immersed in this kind of sadness, Jane decided not to go to the company directly today, first got up and took a shower, then changed into a swimsuit, and went swimming in the swimming pool in the villa

The three little guys saw that Jane rarely had time to stay at home, and saw that Jane wanted to swim, so they also put on their swimsuits and followed their mother, Jane to play in the swimming 


With the company of the three little guys, she really stopped thinking about the head of their family. Drake and her mood improved a lot

Just when she was enjoying herself playing with the kids, her senior friend, Adam came out rubbing the round of his eyes

Seeing Jane and the three little guys in the swimming pool, he immediately walked over

You still have confident and time to swim, so come help me with that vase when you have time.” 

Uncle Adam walked over, and Zachary in the swimming pool immediately swam towards Jane and 

blocked her

Although she was wearing a swimsuit that wasn’t very s*xy, she still showed her legs and arms. Of course, her son, Zachary didn’t want to be seen by other men for such a beautiful and s*xy mommy

Adam didn’t feel anything, and rubbed his sleepy eyes, walked to the side chair and lay down

Jane also didn’t notice Zachary’s small movements, and told the three little guys to be careful, then went ashore, pulled the bathrobe beside her and wrapped herself directly

Seeing Jane’s movements, Zachary relaxed his tense nerves

You haven’t finished that vase yet?” 

You think it’s that simple!” Adam said with a sullen face. He stayed up all night and only completed onethird of the project

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