My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2214

“Let’s just take it one step at a time,” Elliot said. Just then, his phone rang, and he went out to answer the call. Kai checked the time and went over to the elevator. Soon, he went up to the third floor.

Seeing the hall quiet down, Willow quietly hurried up to her room.

Finally, she could lie happily on her bed, bury. herself in the blanket, and let her happiness out. Jasper, you dare lie to me! You dare not come to see me. When I find you, I’ll make sure you regret it.

Willow lamented in her heart. Clearly, he was safe and sound, yet he didn’t contact her. Did he want to just leave her behind?

Taking a deep breath, Willow suddenly touched. the necklace around her neck. The tracker in this necklace still belonged to him, so wherever she went, he could track her. Jasper, whether you want to see me or not, I won’t let you leave me.

She had finally gotten a definite message that he was still alive. It was the best gift Willow received today. She couldn’t sleep at all tonight. and stayed awake until morning.

Anastasia brought breakfast to her daughter’s room in the morning. Seeing her daughter still asleep, she couldn’t help but sigh. It seemed her daughter had lost sleep again over matters of the heart.

Willow slept until the afternoon before getting up. As soon as she got up, she was starving. She couldn’t continue like this. She needed to regain her strength and look her best for Jasper’s return.

Anastasia was in a meeting downstairs with two managers. Just as they were discussing, the voice of a young girl interrupted them, “Mom, I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat?”

Anastasia’s voice was cut off. She turned to see her daughter stretching lazily while coming downstairs. Even though Willow had gotten up so late, Anastasia was suddenly filled with joy. Her daughter finally said she was hungry and was starting to act more like herself.

“I’ll get you something to eat right away,” Anastasia said happily. She turned to the two managers and said, “You can go back now!”

The two managers immediately stood up and left. Anastasia looked at her daughter bathing in sunlight, feeling a bit dazed. It seemed like she hadn’t seen her daughter so relaxed in a long time.

Willow came over to her with a smiling face and hooked her arm. “Mom! What are you looking at?”

At the sight of her daughter acting cute, it was as if she was no longer affected by Jasper’s supposed passing. Anastasia felt a sudden sense of relief.

“It’s nothing. I’ll get you something to eat.”

Willow nodded. She lay down on the sofa in the hall, picked up her phone, and started browsing through variety shows. The sadness and pain in Willow’s heart were swept away. As long as she knew Jasper was alive and well in this world, she would be at ease.

In the kitchen, Anastasia called her husband to tell him about their daughter’s current situation. Elliot was surprised to hear it, but as parents, this was what they wished to see the most.

After eating, Willow said she was going out. The security team immediately arranged a convoy to take her, and this time, Willow went to Jasper’s villa. Elliot knew about this, but he allowed his daughter to do whatever she pleased, as long as it made her happy.

Willow entered Jasper’s villa alone and took out a piece of paper. On it, she wrote in large letters. “Jasper, I know you’re still alive. You have three days to contact me, or I’ll get engaged.”

After finishing, Willow looked up with ant irritated expression and left. In the evening, Leslie took Willow to attend a private dinner, which was organized by the luxury car club.

Willow’s arrival did spark interest among many wealthy heirs. They knew that being with Willow would be a great boon for their families.

Willow was a bit distracted. She occasionally checked her phone, hoping for something, but every time, she gritted her teeth and locked her phone.


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