My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2215

“Whose call are you waiting for, Willow?” Leslie had been observing her for some time now. Willow smiled and shook her head. “I’m not. I was just checking the time. Suddenly, she suggested, ‘Let’s dance!”

His eyes lit up. “I’d love to!”

They headed to the dance floor. Then, Willow approached a young woman and whispered, “Can you help me record a video of us dancing?”

The said young woman was more than happy to help. Willow and Leslie danced to the music. Both had been trained in dance from a young age, allowing them to captivate the attention of everyone on the dance floor.

When the song ended, she reclaimed her phone and checked the video. With a mischievous smirk, she promptly uploaded it to her social media and eagerly awaited a message from Jasper. She was resolute that if he didn’t reach out within three days, she’d do whatever it took to force him out of hiding.

Over at the base, Jasper had just returned to his room after completing his training routine. Right now, his daily routine was rather monotonous, with his primary focus being: checking up on Willow. He yearned to know what she was up to each day and whether she was happy.

With his hacking expertise, he had access to virtually anything on the internet. Hence, spying on someone’s life was a piece of cake for him.

He decided to check the security footage of his villa. He was taken aback by the discovery of a new note. He zoomed in for a closer look, and his eyes widened in shock as he read it. Willow knows I’m still alive? How did she find out?

Jasper started to panic. He rewound the footage and saw how pissed Willow had been when she wrote the note. He chuckled and thought, Is she trying to bait me into seeing her? She’s using a rather childish method.

Around 9.00PM, Willow returned home. At that moment, Elliot and Anastasia were sitting in the living room waiting for her. They heard their daughter humming a cheerful tune and couldn’t help but wonder why she was so happy.

Elliot and Anastasia exchanged curious glances, wondering what had brought about this sudden happiness. They recalled how upset Willow had been just the previous night. They asked if her newfound happiness might be connected to her developing a crush on Leslie.

As Willow entered the living room, she noticed her parents and tried to hide her awkwardness by biting her lip. “Mom, Dad,” she greeted sweetly. “Why are you still up?”

“How can we sleep when you’re not home?” Anastasia replied, taking Willow’s purse and observing her daughter’s bright eyes. “Did you have fun with Leslie today?”

Willow nodded. “Yeah! I had a good time. We even danced together.”

Anastasia was surprised by Willow’s initiative to dance with a guy and thought her daughter must really like Leslie. Hence, she felt a sense of relief, confident that she didn’t need to worry anymore.

Elliot and Anastasia were more than happy to have Leslie as their son-in-law. They could find no fault with his family background, character, and capabilities. He was also Kai’s good friend, so he would undoubtedly blend right into the family.

“Mom, Dad, I’m heading to my room now. You guys should head to bed, too!” Willow grabbed her purse and hurried up the stairs.

Anastasia exhaled in relief. She sat down beside Elliot and rested her head against his shoulder. “I can finally rest easy now.”

“Willow’s all grown up now. She has her own thoughts and opinions. We shouldn’t try to interfere with her life.” Elliot had finally learned to let go and allow his daughter to find her own happiness.

The moment Willow returned to her room, she immediately logged into her social media account. Many people had watched the video, but she was particularly interested to know if Jasper had seen it.

Therefore, Willow began to check every single account. She didn’t stop even when her eyes started to water. After reviewing everyone who viewed her video, she found no trace of Jasper.


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