My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2216

Only then did it dawn on Willow that Jasper was a computer and technology expert, making her realize he could have viewed her social media posts without leaving a trace. This realization annoyed her.

She rubbed her eyes and decided to tell Leslie the truth another day, planning to ask him to stage an act with her. She was determined to force Jasper out of the shadows. She resolved that if he genuinely didn’t care about her, so be it. She’d let go, too, but she couldn’t help wondering if he would show up if he did care about her.

In the middle of the night, Aimee sneaked into Jasper’s room. He had been struggling with sleepless nights, and it was taking a toll on his health. Hence, Antoine had insisted Jasper take a powerful sleeping pill. At that moment, Jasper was in a deep slumber when she slipped in.

She didn’t hide the affection in her eyes as she stared at his face. Her attention eventually fixated on his slender lips, and a selfish desire began to consume her thoughts. She wanted to get a taste of his lips. She swallowed and bit her lip as she reached out to hold his hand. Just then, he grabbed her by the hand as he murmured in his dreams, “Willow… Willow…”

The man repeatedly called for Willow as he clutched Aimee’s hand tightly. It was clear that he had mistaken Aimee for Willow.

Although Jasper was holding Aimee’s hand, she felt deeply hurt that he was calling out another woman’s name. She couldn’t help but feel angry that Willow was the only one on his mind, even though she had been right beside him all along. She wondered if he knew that she had been in love with him for five years.

Aimee’s heart was filled with bitterness. Suddenly, she found herself resenting why Willow couldn’t simply remain a well-off socialite and avoid entangling herself with someone like him. Eventually, she let go of his hand because she was unable to bear hearing him call out for Willow.

Just as she was about to leave the room, she turned toward the man and muttered, “I won’t let you be bewitched by her, Jasper. I’ll make her leave you.”

Back in her room, she got her laptop out and looked up Willow’s social media accounts. When she saw Willow’s active life and her involvement with a rich and handsome young man, Aimee sneered, doubting if Willow was worthy of Jasper’s love…

“Is this the woman you love with all your heart, Jasper? The woman you’re willing to risk your life for? She doesn’t care about you at all!” As Aimee went through Willow’s social media posts, she assumed Willow was one of those wealthy socialites with a sordid private life.

A woman like her isn’t good enough for Jasper!! was such a fool. Why did I give up on him? I should fight for him. What if he does end up being mine? Aimee thought as she glared at Willow’s smiling face on the screen. I’m going to warn Willow and tell her to stay away from him. At that thought, she started typing a message. She sent the message without knowing about Antoine’s plan and Willow’s unawareness of Jasper’s survival.

Meanwhile, Willow was in her room, browsing the internet, even though it was already 3.00AM. She was waiting for Jasper to show up. When she heard a beep, she received a text message that left her stunned.

‘Stay away from Jasper, Willow. Stop hurting him.’ Willow’s chest tightened. She wondered who the sender was, so she quickly typed out a question. ‘Who are you?”

‘You’ve seen me before. I’m Aimee Hawkins.”

Stunned, Willow recalled Aimee’s face. It’s her. Is she with Jasper right now? At that thought, she immediately bombarded Aimee with questions. ‘How’s Jasper? Is he badly injured?”

Aimee’s expression darkened. She had only intended to warn Willow to stay away from Jasper, not to become her source of information.


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