My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2217

Jasper’s condition has nothing to do with you. I’m just here to warn you to stay away from him.” Nevertheless, Willow was too anxious not to press on. ‘I’m begging you. Please just tell me how he’s doing. I’m very worried about him. Please, Miss Hawkins. I’m begging you.”

Aimee snorted and responded, ‘If you want him to stay alive and well, you should stay away from him for good. Don’t ever look for him again.”

Willow’s heart squeezed painfully when she saw those words. She was aware of Aimee’s feelings for Jasper, so she knew it was understandable that the woman resented her.

‘Please take good care of him, Aimee.’ Willow was utterly defeated. She’s right. I’m always the reason why Jasper gets hurt. It’s my fault. I have no right to ask anything of him. Aimee’s response came back. ‘As if I need you to tell me that. I knew him first. I love him more than you do.’

Willow’s breath caught in her throat. After reading Aimee’s text, she sighed. That’s right. It doesn’t matter who’s beside him. All that matters is that there’s someone there taking care of him.

‘Can you tell me how he’s doing, Miss Hawkins? I promise to stay away from him, but I want to know how he’s doing.’ Willow sent out another heartfelt plea. Alas, Aimee disappeared without responding to that. Even though Willow tried to send more texts, Aimee didn’t answer any of them.

Willow stared at her screen. Even though she was disappointed, at least she was certain that Jasper was alive. He’s alive, but just how badly injured is he?

It finally dawned on Willow just how big the world was. She didn’t have the ability to find anyone. She couldn’t find Jasper. She could only wait until he returned, but would he?

Aimee closed her laptop. She realized how much of a bother Willow was as the latter kept pestering her with questions about Jasper’s condition. It annoyed her. I certainly won’t tell her anything about Jasper’s condition. Let her worry her heart out.

Still, Aimee sighed. Jasper kept calling Willow’s name in his dream just now. It’s obvious just how much he cares about her. Will even have a chance?

It was morning. Jasper opened his eyes and glanced to the side of the bed. He felt as if he did hold a person’s hand last night. He thought it was Willow’s, but he couldn’t tell if it had only been a dream or not. Therefore, when he opened his eyes and saw the empty room, his heart felt empty again.

Just then, Antoine came in. He had been passing by and wanted to say a few words to Jasper. Antoine didn’t close the door behind him. Aimee came along and was just about to head in when she saw Antoine, so she waited outside instead.

All of a sudden, she heard Antoine saying angrily, “You’re not allowed to leave the base! You can’t go anywhere in this condition.”

Aimee jumped in fright. She looked through the glass window and saw Jasper and Antoine staring at each other. Jasper looked frustrated.

Antoine was so furious that he seemed to have forgotten that Jasper couldn’t hear anything. He continued, “Didn’t I tell you to stop having any contact with the Presgraves? Why did you insist on seeing them anyway? You and that young lady from the Presgrave Family are not meant to be, do you hear me?”

He was mad because he nearly lost his nephew. In this line of work, being emotional was a death sentence. It would only hurt Jasper. At the same time, Willow would be his weakness too. He could end up losing his life at any given moment if he couldn’t remain cold and unfeeling while on the job..

After overhearing everything, Aimee couldn’t stop herself from smirking. It turned out that Antoine didn’t want Jasper to get involved with the Presgraves either. It doesn’t matter how much Jasper likes Willow. There’s no way he can be with her.

Jasper closed his eyes. He didn’t refute Antoine’s words, but he didn’t agree with him either. Antoine shot Jasper one last piercing glare before leaving in a huff.

Aimee quickly hid in a corner. Once Antoine left, Aimee came back out and went over to check on Jasper.


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