My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2219

If he didn’t want to be with her, she would try to forget about him. Willow was someone who could let the past go if she wanted to. When she went back home that afternoon, she told her parents about the engagement party. She said she liked Leslie and wanted to get engaged to him as soon as possible..

Anastasia and Elliot were shocked. She’s getting engaged all of a sudden? And in three days?

“Are you sure you want to do this, Willow?” Anastasia looked at her daughter. Leslie was a brilliant man, but they had to spend more time together to see if they could get along.

“Yeah, I am, Mom. I like him a lot. I’d like to get engaged first and then start dating him,’ said Willow. She couldn’t let her parents see through that plan, or it would be worthless.

“Did Leslie agree to this?”

“He did,” said Willow. Leslie was willing to help, so he was playing along too..

“I think you should try going on more dates. before doing this, Willow,’ advised Elliot. He didn’t want his daughter to suffer in the future.

“I know it’s sudden, you guys, but I’m serious.” Willow looked at her parents earnestly. Anastasia and Elliot didn’t think she was lying, so they agreed. “Fine. We’ll do this, then.”

“Send me a picture of the invites once you have printed them, Mom.”

The engagement party came right out of left field, catching all news outlets by surprise. They only knew about it the same day it was decided. Right away, they switched out the headlines for this latest news.

Willow sat before her computer, excited and a little nervous. She was going really far just to force Jasper out of hiding, and she would take any consequences that came along with it. She just wanted to see him, even if it meant he would curse her. She didn’t want much. All she needed was to see him.

The marriage rattled the city at first and then the whole nation. Aimee found out about it as well. She stared at the news in awe, but her heart was soaring. She’s marrying someone else? That means Jasper can’t court her anymore. A smile twinkled in her eyes. Thank you, God. Now he can see what she’s really like. She’s a rich girl. Of course she won’t fall for someone like Jasper, who is in a profession that involves violence. Look at her fiance. He’s brilliant and a perfect match for her.

“Just live a happy married life, Willow. Never show up in front of Jasper again.” I wonder if Jasper knows. Maybe I should remind him to check it out. Aimee would love to see the look on Jasper’s face, so she decided to show him the news herself.

Aimee guessed that Jasper must be working out now. He was incredibly disciplined when it came to maintaining his body. She came to the gym and saw that only Jasper was around. He had taken off his shirt, revealing his s*xy abs underneath.

He had the body of a Greek god, which captivated Aimee. She thought it would be a waste if no woman could enjoy that body.

Jasper saw that Aimee had come, so he picked up his shirt and put it on. Aimee approached him, smiling. She knew he couldn’t hear her no matter what she said, so she scrolled her phone until she saw the news of the engagement again and handed her phone to him.

Jasper took it and had a look. His pupils went wide, and he clenched his fists tightly. He felt like punching someone.

Aimee stared at him intently. She saw panic and worry in his eyes, but there was no fury or frustration at discovering this betrayal. What? He still doesn’t hate her? Even when she’s going to marry someone else?


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