My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2220

Jasper calmed down in the end. He handed Aimee her phone back and was about to leave, but Aimee stopped him. She typed something in her phone and showed it to Jaser. ‘You’re still going to find her, Jasper?”

Jasper frowned. “That’s my business.” Aimee typed, ‘No, you can’t. She’s getting engaged. Just let her go. Let her find her happiness.’

Jasper looked at the message and stared into the distance. He knew Willow wasn’t doing this for real. She just wanted to force him out of hiding and meet up with her. He didn’t see this coming at first, and the photo riled him up. He was angry seeing her standing so close to another man. Fine. You win, Willow. I’ll see you, and no one can stop me.

Worried about Jasper’s continued silence, Aimee typed, ‘Don’t be rash, Jasper. You can’t force love. If you love her, you should let her go. Jasper read the message and smiled. “You don’t know her at all.”

Aimee gnashed her teeth angrily. This again. What does he mean I don’t know her? The moment Jasper left, Aimee called Antoine.


“Antoine, I think Jasper’s going to leave the base and see Willow.”


“Because he saw the news. Willow’s getting engaged in Averna.”

“What? She’s getting engaged?” Antoine was delighted to hear that news. If that was the case, then his nephew would have no chance of getting back with Willow anymore, and he could finally give up. “Show me the news.” Antoine wanted to see it as well.

“You have to stop Jasper. He might ruin her engagement.”

“I’ll keep an eye on him,” said Antoine. After he saw the news, he thought that the Presgraves only held this engagement to make Willow forget about Jasper. If that’s the case, then it’s a good thing. At least Jasper will give up now.

Antoine left his office and came to Jasper’s room. He was already packing up. Antoine put on a stern look. “You’re not allowed to leave, Jasper.”

Jasper picked up his luggage and turned to his uncle. “I have to go.”

There was resolve in Jasper’s eyes. Antoine paused for a moment. For the longest time, he had no idea what his nephew wanted, but at that moment, he knew. One could give Jasper the whole world, but he would refuse it. He just wanted Willow. Antoine knew Jasper. He couldn’t stop the lad, who was a revel, from leaving.

Antoine sighed. “Hold for a minute. I’ll get you something.”

Jasper thought Antoine would stop him, but since his uncle was relenting, he too took a step back. He waited for a moment, and Antoine came back with a gift box. It was obviously from another country, and it was beautifully packaged too. Antoine opened it up. Jasper found himself presented with a hearing aid.

Touched, Jasper looked at his uncle. So he was taking this for me.

Antoine picked it up and handed it to him. “Here. See if it can help you.”

Jasper tried regular hearing aids before, but they still couldn’t help him hear. This, however, looked more advanced. He wore it around his ear, and after two weeks of total silence, his world was filled with sounds again. It wasn’t as great as his own ears, but it was enough.

Jasper nodded. “Yeah. I can hear again.”

Antoine heaved a sigh. ‘It’s a stopgap. I’ll find you a donor eventually.”

“Thank you, uncle.” Jasper hugged him. Antoine had been worrying about him all this time. After his parents’ deaths, Antoine was his closest family member.

Antoine saw Jasper as his own son as well. At that moment, he felt like he was seeing his own son spreading his wings and setting off into the world.


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