My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2221

“Go. I have your back no matter what.” Antoine then patted his shoulder. Jasper nodded. After he finished packing up a small suitcase, Antoine called his men and told them to give Jasper a ride on the chopper.

Jasper quickly made his way to the helipad. Aimee went after him. She saw a hearing aid hanging on his ear, so she shouted, “Hold it right there, Jasper!”

Jasper stopped in his tracks. Aimee approached him, confusion swirling in her eyes. “She’s getting engaged to someone else. Why are you still going after her? Do you have to bow to her like a… a dog?”

Aimee threw herself onto him and wrapped her arms tightly around him. “Please, just give me a chance. I’m as good as any woman out there. My love won’t shine less than any other woman’s.”

Jasper put his luggage down and held Aimee’s shoulder, staring at her. ‘Aimee, you’re a brilliant woman. I’ve always seen you as a good companion and a subordinate, but you can’t force love. Please, get that into your head.” Jasper pushed her away and walked toward the helicopter. There was a spring in his step. A weight had been lifted off his heart. He could finally face the part of him he had been afraid to. He wished to free himself of his shackles and pursue the one he loved.

Aimee saw the helicopter off, and she closed her eyes in despair. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

The news outlets were already spreading the news of Willow’s engagement. Willow didn’t care what they were doing. Right now, she was in Jasper’s villa, looking at the message she left. I hope this still works. Just like how she did it the first time, she made him come back by starting an engagement.

She had no idea if that idea would work again. If it failed, she would pack up her bags and find an island to live on while she licked her wounds.

A military aircraft pierced the clouds and quickly landed in Averna’s military base. A military off-road vehicle was already on standby, and Jasper tossed his bags into the backseat. He got into the car and charged onto the highway outside the airport. He was nervous and panicked. It had been a long time since he did something so impulsive. It had been too long since he followed his heart.

Just then, Jasper slammed on the brakes, and the car skidded to a halt outside a florist. It shocked the pedestrians. They wondered how hard the guy must have stepped on the brakes to even cause sparks to fly out. What’s the big rush?

When Jasper came out of the car, a few young ladies covered their mouths. Internally, they were screaming. Oh my God, he’s hot.

Seeing him go into the florist, the girls had a question. Is he buying flowers for a girl? She must be the happiest girl on Earth.

A while later, Jasper came out with a bouquet of roses, and he carefully put it in the co-driver’s seat. Then, he drove quickly toward his villa. He knew she was there, waiting for him.

The shine of twilight rained into the villa. Willow stared at it. She could feel the sadness that was hanging in the air, and she closed her eyes. She was getting ready to leave, but then she heard sounds coming from the outside. She sighed. Perhaps it’s the bodyguards. They might be in a hurry to tell me to leave. There’s dinner tonight with Dad, Mom, and Leslie’s parents, after all.

She heard someone opening the door, but she didn’t turn back. “Ten minutes,” she said..

Jasper looked at the sad girl on the settee, and he felt something squeezing his heart. This is all my fault. She’s disappointed because I can’t make up my mind. Because I keep running away.


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