My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2224

They wanted to hear their daughter’s explanation. They wondered why the meeting was canceled all of a sudden. “Don’t worry, guys. She’s on her way back.”

“How was she when you talked to her?” Elliot asked.

“Worried, but that was it,” answered Kai. His sister was up to a lot of things lately, and he was getting confused. He wondered what she was doing.

“Mom, Dad, just be patient. Willow will explain everything. There must be a reason for this,” said Ellen. Anastasia nodded. She patiently waited for Willow to come back and explain everything.

Twenty minutes later, the bodyguard stopped the car outside the house. Willow got out and came into the house only to be met by her whole family. Nervously, she approached her parents. Her head hung low as she said, “I know you’re mad. The engagement was a lie. I never planned on marrying Leslie. We were just putting on an act.”

Anastasia and Elliot were shocked. They couldn’t believe their daughter would put on an act this big.

Elliot looked a little reproachful, but he wasn’t angry. “Why did you do this?”

“Because I=”

Before she could finish, someone else came in. The Presgraves were surprised to see him. “Jasper!” A surprised Kai approached Jasper. He liked this guy. Jasper almost sacrificed himself for Willow, after all.

Anastasia exchanged a look with her husband. Why did he show up all of a sudden?

Jasper looked at the Presgraves and took all the blame. “Don’t get angry at her. This is all my fault.”

Willow panicked. “Dad, Mom, don’t get mad at him. This isn’t his fault. I did it. I came up with this plan to force him to come back.”

Anastasia exchanged another look with her husband. They believed Willow. Only a prankster like her would do something like this.

Elliot welcomed Jasper as an elder. “We’re happy to see you safe and sound, Jasper. Welcome to my house.”

“You’re wrong, Dad. He lost his hearing just to save me, and now he needs a hearing aid,” said Willow. Jasper had done too much for her. Elliot told Jasper, “Let’s take this to the study Jasper.”

Elliot looked at Anastasia, who nodded. With his wife’s approval, he could talk about this matter in depth. He urged Jasper again, “Come. We should talk, Jasper.”

Willow looked at her father nervously before turning back to look at Jasper with worry etched on her face. Jasper was nervous, but he played it cool. He nodded at Willow before quickly following Elliot.

Once they were gone, Kai pulled his sister aside. Curious, he asked, ‘How did you know he was alive?”

Willow said honestly, “I heard you and Dad talking about it.”

Kai looked resigned. I knew we wouldn’t be able to hide it from her. She asked softly, “I wonder what they’re going to talk about.”

A smile curled Kai’s lips. “Why should you worry about them? You have a big mess to clean up yourself.”

Willow took the teasing willingly and swayed Kai’s arm. “Aw, but you’ll help me, won’t you, Kai? The company’s PR can do anything.

This is nothing for them, right?”

Ellen came over, smiling. “Don’t worry, Willow. He’ll deal with the aftermath. Just enjoy your reunion with Jasper.”

Since Ellen had spoken, Kai put an arm over Willow’s shoulder and told her, “Fine. Since Ellen has taken your side, I’ll deal with this for you.”

“Willow, come here for a second. We need to talk,” said Anastasia..


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