My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2226

Jasper tightened his hug around Willow, pulling her deeper into his embrace. Though Willow felt slightly breathless, she could sense the man’s. strong affection and didn’t struggle, letting him hug her tightly.

Meanwhile, Jasper soon realized he had been hugging her too tightly and released her. When Willow looked up, she met his deep eyes that were filled with affection. They resembled a sea of affection-one she’d willingly drown in

Moreover, the emotion in his eyes no longer seemed restrained or suppressed but honest and passionate. Like a lake with clear water, his every emotion was clearly shown to her.

Willow was elated because this man was finally hers, and hers alone. She no longer had to worry about him leaving.

Just as she was about to kiss him, there was a knock on the door. It was probably the dishes they ordered, so Willow could only pull him back over to sit at the table.

The sumptuous meal was served in one go. Since the waitress could sense the dense, flirty atmosphere in the room, she quickly left after serving the dishes. In addition, she had sneaked several glances at Jasper just now because she had never seen a handsome man who was also filled with positive energy. To be able to become the man’s girlfriend would be the happiest thing in the world.

Willow served the man some dishes while he stabbed a piece of fried shrimp with his fork and placed it beside her lips. Happily taking a bite, Willow chewed on her. food while looking at the man with her bright eyes.

The man hadn’t eaten anything but had already gulped several times. No matter how delicious the food was, they weren’t as attractive to him as the young woman before him.

Following that, the couple fed each other, one mouthful after another, and finished their dinner after an hour.

Once they were done eating, Jasper brought Willow strolling at a nearby square. Since Jasper had always been busy with work, this was the first time he had such a relaxing stroll while holding hands with someone else.

Willow held his arm and occasionally looked up to admire the man’s appearance. Everywhere he walked by, he would attract the attention of other women. That was because he was too stunning. No matter it was his temperament or appearance, he was the most eye-catching one in the crowd.

“Wow! He’s so handsome. Is he a celebrity?” a young woman gasped.

Willow looked back and saw several young women had stopped walking and were busy trying to take photos of Jasper sneakily. Suddenly, Willow felt somewhat displeased because she didn’t intend to benefit other women when deciding to bring her man out. She held the man’s arm and walked toward a less crowded area. “Let’s go over there.”

Jasper immediately held her shoulders and headed to a less crowded street. Some trees were shielding the area, and coupled with the dim yellow streetlights, it created the perfect spot for a date.

However, once they arrived, Willow discovered what this spot was used for. It was an attraction for couples! There were couples on each bench spaced about ten meters apart. Some were hugging each other, some were whispering sweet nothings to each other, and some were even kissing.

Blushing, Willow held Jasper’s arm and walked away but unexpectedly came to an even more deserted pathway.

While Willow wanted a quiet place for them to enjoy the night view together, with how vicious and complicated modern society was, ordinary people wouldn’t dare wander into such places because there were bound to be hidden dangers there. For example, thieves.

After Willow and Jasper were over twenty meters down the pathway, three men suddenly appeared, with one in front of them and two behind them. If an ordinary couple had stumbled upon such a situation, they would have been shivering in fear and at a loss.

Willow noticed the three were relatively young. Obviously, they were too lazy to make an effort and relied only on robbing others to get by, so Willow kindly reminded them, “If you don’t want to end up in the hospital, I’d suggest you leave now. Don’t even think about robbing us.”

“Miss, hand over your bag immediately and take off your watch and jewelry. Otherwise, we’ll let you have a taste of what it feels like to get stabbed. Now, move it!” one of them viciously threatened the couple.


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