My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2227

Willow continued to reason with them. “My boyfriend is very strong, so you guys better not offend him, or else things will get ugly.”

The three men were experienced and not easily scared. When they saw the calm expression on Willow’s face, they were agitated and thought she was looking down on their profession as robbers. “I’ll count to five. If you still don’t hand over your bag and items, we won’t be able to ensure your life.”

After giving them a resigned look, Willow tried. again. “I’d advise you guys to turn over a new leaf.”

“This lady is quite pretty. Let’s have a go at her later. It’s been a while since we’ve seen such a beautiful girl.” One of the men was overwhelmed with desire and started having lewd ideas about Willow.

Jasper’s aura instantly changed. His gaze was filled with icy coldness as he clenched his fists tightly, emanating a murderous aura. “Willy, wait here,” he gently instructed.

In the meantime, the three men were instantly frightened. Jasper’s intense stare made them feel like they were being targeted by a wild beast. As a result, the man behind them became somewhat terrified and quickly ran to his companion, discussing what to do next.

However, Jasper had already thrown a punch directly at him. The man took the punch and collapsed on the ground while the other two attempted to flee after witnessing that. Jasper immediately grabbed their collars, lifting them up and slamming them forcefully onto the ground. It was just one move, but the three men were already piled on top of each other like a hamburger.

Jasper stepped on the man’s ribs at the top, causing him to cry in pain, sounding like an animal being slaughtered.

Following the men’s pleas, Willow approached them with a sneer. “I warned you, but you chose not to listen, so this is the consequence you have to face. Since you’re daring enough to commit crimes, Jasper, teach them a lesson.”

“Miss, please spare us!”

“We were wrong.”

“We won’t do it again.” At first, the three men thought Willow looked cute and beautiful, but the words that came out from her lips sent shivers down their spines.

Jasper exerted more force into his leg, causing the three men to let out cries of pain. Then, he warned them, “If you ever try to rob anyone again, I’ll break your legs.”

Once that was said, Jasper withdrew his leg, and the three men fled the scene while clutching their chests.

Willow gazed at her man with admiration in her eyes. It started out as a simple stroll, but they ended up teaching some bad guys a lesson. Such righteous actions made her feel very proud. “Come on. Let’s go home,” she said.

Since Jasper hadn’t finished furnishing his home, he held her hand and offered, “I’ll start furnishing my home tomorrow. Then, I’ll invite you over.”

Smiling, Willow replied, “I don’t mind that.”

“I’ll send you home,” Jasper said in a deep voice. Though their elders have agreed for them to be together, they weren’t engaged yet, so it wouldn’t look good for them to stay out together.

Having thought of the same thing, Willow bit her lip as she really wanted to stay the night with him. But what could she do?

She didn’t dwell on it because she was determined to stay with him. “I’ll make a call. Wait for me.”

Once she said so, she walked toward the crowd and took out her phone to call her mother. “Hey, Willy,” Anastasia said as she answered the phone.

“Mom, can I ask for your permission for something? Can I stay out tonight?” Willow shyly asked her mother. After all, she must report such things to her parents and get their approval. Only then would she feel more assured.

“Sure. We feel assured knowing you’re with Jasper, Anastasia open-mindedly agreed. Her daughter wasn’t a little girl anymore, and they had approved of her relationship with Jasper. Moreover, she had been in their shoes and knew no one could resist their feelings for another.

“Really? Thanks, Mom!” Willow was ecstatic because she had been worried her mother might not agree to let her spend the night out. Who would have thought she would get. permission to do so?

After ending the call with her mother, Willow happily ran over to Jasper with the widest grin.. “I just asked my mom for permission. I can stay outside tonight.”


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