My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2228

Jasper’s gaze gradually deepened as he took. her hand. “Let’s stay at a hotel.”

At this point, Willow wasn’t picky about where they were spending the night. As long as she could be with him, she was even willing to stay the night on the streets.

Later, Willow followed the man to his car. Jasper drove them to a five-star hotel and booked a suite. When Willow entered the room and saw it was further divided into two rooms, she pouted and thought, Are we sleeping in separate beds tonight?

She had guessed Jasper’s intentions right. He would certainly not cross the line before they got engaged. That was his way of showing respect to the Presgrave parents and Willow.

Having trained in the military, he was brought up as an upright young man, and this was one of his excellent traits.

“Willy, you’ll be sleeping in the master bedroom tonight while I’ll stay in the other one. Take a shower and rest early,” Jasper told her.

Blinking her large eyes, Willow asked, “Can’t we stay together?” Once she finished, she muttered, “It’s not like we haven’t slept together before.”

Of course, Jasper wanted the same thing, but he couldn’t cross the line and had to restrain himself. No matter how much he was in love with Willow, he couldn’t go against his morals. “Willy, be good. It’s late, so you should go to bed now. Jasper looked at her with pleading eyes.

Willow knew the man grew up in a disciplined environment, so she couldn’t pressure him into going against his beliefs. However, she was not someone who went by the rules. Though she could listen to him and take her shower, whether she would listen to his sleeping arrangements was another matter. She nodded. “Okay. I’ll return to my room and take a bath. You should do the same and rest early.”

Seeing her do what she was told, Jasper felt relieved but slightly reluctant as well. That was because, deep down, he didn’t want to be separated from her.

Once Willow entered the master bedroom and bathed, she sat on the bed in her bathrobe for nearly half an hour and started thinking of a plan. How was she going to crawl into that upright man’s bed?

Looking at the time, she also wanted to check and see if he was done showering.

After waiting for a while longer, she took a deep breath and opened the door to the common room but then noticed the door to the other room was closed. What’s this? Is he trying to keep me out?

The desire to conquer him suddenly overwhelmed her, and she headed for the other bedroom. She knocked on the door but didn’t hear any movement inside and wondered if the man was still taking a shower.

Willow suddenly had a mischievous thought-to peek at the man’s figure. Since the hotel’s bathroom had a semi-transparent glass design, it was an interesting feature for couples.

Pushing the door open, she heard the sound of running water and couldn’t help but smile. Then, she sat on the bed and looked over to the bathroom, where she saw the large floor-to- ceiling glass panel.

She could vaguely make out the tall figure taking a bath inside. Even though his upper body was only a blurry shadow, she could still see that the man was slim and had a defined figure with taut muscles.

Blushing, Willy covered her face. At times, she would feel embarrassed to look, but on the other hand, she also enjoyed the view.

At that moment, she heard the water stop as the man was about to exit the shower. Instantly flustered, she hid on the other side of the bed.

Jasper came out with a towel around his waist and was drying his hair with a towel. The droplets of water dripped down his handsome face, and like a paintbrush, it outlined the man’s perfect figure and then disappeared down into the towel around his s3xy abdomen.

When he heard a faint noise, he immediately looked toward the other side of the bed and saw a head popping up. He pursed his thin lips, finding it hard to hold back his laughter that might come out at any moment. She came to my room and even failed to hide herself.

“Come on out.” He spoke deeply. Immediately popping her head up, Willow asked in surprise, ‘How did you know I was here?”


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