My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2229

Jasper gazed at her, clad in a white bathrobe and with her waist-length down. That made her already youthful appearance seem even younger, perhaps even a year or two younger than her actual age. “Return to your room.” His voice uncontrollably became hoarser because her current appearance made him even more unwilling to touch her.

But Willow stubbornly declined. “I’m not going back. I want to sleep in your room, and you can’t make me leave.”

Once that was said, she sat on the bed, indicating that she wasn’t going anywhere. Jasper sighed. “Be good.”

Willow’s large eyes wandered up the man’s body, and she started blushing the more she looked. Perhaps it was because he had just taken a bath. As he stood under the lights, she could see his naked upper body was covered in a layer of tiny water droplets. His veins were protruding from his skin, and he exuded a strong, dominant aura.

“C-Can I stay in your room?” she pleaded softly.

Jasper had a strong will, but his will was almost collapsing because of a few words from the young woman, rendering him unable to be firm with her. “Fine, but you sleep first.” Since he couldn’t reject her, he could only comply.

Blinking her large eyes at him, Willow smiled triumphantly. “I’ll sleep here.”

After that, she pulled away the covers and lay down. Only looking at her face above the covers rendered Jasper breathing unevenly. “I’ll go drink some water.”

Willow nodded and waited for him inside the room. She waited and waited, but the man didn’t return. Instead, she was falling asleep while lying under the covers. That was because she couldn’t sleep for days because she couldn’t see him, so she hadn’t slept well in a while.

He was by her side tonight so she could finally sleep peacefully. Now that she was lying in bed, she felt drowsy and unknowingly fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Jasper was on the balcony, standing in the cold breeze. Though it was late fall, he still didn’t feel the least bit cold because his body was burning up. Even taking a cold. shower didn’t work.

After estimating the time, Jasper felt he should head back because the young woman was probably anxious from waiting too long. Hel reaffirmed his will and headed in the direction of his bedroom.

As he gently breathed out, he knew he must control himself and keep calm. He couldn’t make a move on that young woman. Not now.

He had a moment of internal conflict before stepping into the room. When he saw the sleeping face under the dim yellow lights, all his emotions went flying out the window. What’s this? How can that young lady fall asleep with me beside her?

He thought he would be coming back to a young woman who needed him, but instead, he returned to a sleeping young woman. Such a turn of events rendered him slightly baffled.

At this moment, he could have gone to sleep in the master bedroom, but he was reluctant to do so. He didn’t want to leave her. When making the decisions he made earlier, he had used all his will to keep himself under control, but now that the young woman was defenselessly sleeping before him, his reasoning was urging him to break out of his restraints and approach her.

Arriving by Willow’s side of the bed, he squatted down, coming within half an arm’s length with the sleeping face. His gentle gaze swept over her face, looking at her delicate cheeks, defined features, and fair, delicate skin. Her lips were beautifully plump and had an alluring charm. that made him want to kiss her.

This young woman was probably here to punish him. She was punishing him for disappearing for several days and didn’t respond to her calls right after returning.

With a bitter smile, Jasper thought such a punishment was torture to him. He wanted to kiss her but refused to disturb her sleep. After all, he could see that she had lost some weight and felt sorry for her..

Pulling the covers away from the other side of the bed, he got in and reached over to pull the young woman into his embrace. In the meantime, Willow was also having a great dream. She and Jasper had gotten married and were accepting blessings from the guests.


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