My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2232

After a short while, Jasper finished paying the bill, but Willow remained far away. He approached her with the shopping bags, affectionately ruffled her hair, and held her hand as they left the supermarket.

Once they got in the car, the Presgraves had already arranged for Willow’s luggage to be sent ahead so she and Jasper could head to the docks immediately and set sail for the island that night.

Since she was a woman of action, she always followed through on her plans without delay. On the Presgrave side, they had arranged for al five-star chef and four dedicated servants to cater to Willow and Jasper’s needs during their stay.

The yacht departed from the harbor at 3.00PM, marking the start of their romantic voyage at sea and their private island getaway. After a three-hour boat ride, they finally saw a large island come into view. That island belonged to the Presgrave family, which was acquired after Elliot and Anastasia celebrated their wedding. there, and it had become their family’s go-to vacation destination.

Willow and Jasper moved into a villa by the beach. Since she was tired from the boat ride, he brought her to the balcony to rest. She leaned against his shoulder, gazing at the vast ocean, reveling in the joy of having her beloved by her side.

Since they arrived at the island late at night, their dinner began at 8.00PM. They savored their first candlelit dinner beneath the stars, with Willow recounting the events of the ribbon- cutting ceremony. As she spoke, Jasper listened attentively, occasionally pausing to admire her. To him, she was like a work of art worth savoring.

After dinner, she guided him down her cherished childhood pathway, which led directly to the ocean. She used to pester her father to bring her here because she was too afraid to come alone. Additionally, the beach at night was enchanting, offering the opportunity to find exquisite seashells. Holding hands, Jasper listened to her reminisce about her childhood, painting a vivid picture of a young Willow skipping along this narrow path.

When they arrived on the beach, they spotted several seashells glinting under the moonlight. These treasures were brought ashore from the ocean depths-ones she loved collecting during her younger days. On each visit, she would return with a bucketful of these seashells. While she fondly recalled her childhood. memories, she now only observed the shells, not gathering them.

After taking a few steps, she turned to look at the man while enjoying seeing him in the night. She could feel his strong presence, but at the same time, he was also emanating a domineering energy.

Bathed in the moonlight, Jasper appeared tall and well-built. His t-shirt did little to conceal his chiseled muscles, and a mischievous thought crossed Willow’s mind-she wanted to peel away the composed facade he wore and explore his other side.

Willow took a few more steps, then suddenly turned around and playfully threw herself into Jasper’s arms, much like a mischievous child. He immediately opened his arms and caught her effortlessly.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, yearning to be close. With a slight effort, he scooped her up, her slender legs encircling his waist. It was an intimate embrace, providing her the perfect chance to take the lead. As she drew closer, he comprehended her desires and released one arm to cradle her head, his gaze darkening slightly.

Feeling adventurous, Willow playfully nipped at Jasper’s neck, clearly inviting him. His breathing quickened, and his eyes darkened like the night as he gently pinched her chin. He gazed at her flushed face, planting a tender kiss on her forehead, then on the tip of her nose, and finally capturing the soft, crimson lips he yearned for.

Their passionate kiss beneath the moonlight, by the ocean’s edge, sent their hearts and minds racing. Eventually, she couldn’t hold out any longer and buried her face in the man’s chest, breathing heavily as she whispered, “Let’s head back.”

As he set her down on the ground, her legs gave way, and she felt so weak that she couldn’t walk any further.


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