My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2233

Willow leaned against Jasper, who had also seen through her thoughts. He picked her up in his arms and headed to the villa

Once inside, they found that the maids and chef had left to respect their need for privacy. Jasper carried her to the couch and looked down at her, asking playfully, ‘Are your legs still like jelly?”

She wished the ground would swallow her up, embarrassed by the unexpected weakness in her knees after a kiss.

“Do you need help getting to your room?” he asked again. Gulping, Willow gazed up at Jasper. She noticed he looked different from this morning. His passionate and deep eyes were now filled with a strong desire he was trying to restrain.

Summoning her courage, she suddenly hooked her arms around his neck. Her red lips brushed against his ear as she whispered, “Tonight, I want to be yours.”

His body tensed in response. He knew this was inevitable but wondered whether she was being too hasty. ‘Are you sure?” he rasped, afraid she might regret it. With a raised brow, she assured him, “Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you.”

Willow’s words left Jasper momentarily speechless, but then he chuckled. “That’s reassuring. Alright, Miss Presgrave, you better. take good care of me for the rest of your life.”

She threw herself into his arms. “Stop teasing me.”

With that, he carried her upstairs to the bedroom. When they entered the room, she requested, ‘Keep the lights off.”

Jasper complied and kept the room in darkness. He gently placed Willow on the bed, and before she could grasp the situation, his lips fervently met hers. Just as she had regained her strength, another intense kiss left her feeling weak. In the dimly lit room, all her senses were on overdrive.

“May 1?” The man’s moist lips landed on her ear as he made one final request. She swallowed nervously. “Yes.”

The man’s breath grew heavy in the darkness, and she felt a strong force pressing down on the soft bed moments later. Her vision went black as the man covered her eyes with his large hand before kissing her passionately. The sensation was thrilling, and she was driven by it. She felt excited and eager, with no trace of fear.

Outside the window, under the night sky, waves crashed vigorously onto the beach one after another. But inside the room, overwhelming affection filled the air.

As dawn approached, Jasper opened his eyes. and looked down at the small face on his chest. He noticed Willow’s eyes were slightly red and moist. He felt a deep tenderness and kissed her forehead, then held her gently as if she were the most precious gift in the world.

She slept late into the day, not because she wanted to but because of the exhaustion from the previous night. When she finally opened her eyes and met the man’s affectionate gaze, she felt so shy that she buried her face in her pillow, reluctant to acknowledge what had transpired in the darkness.

“Last night… Did I perform poorly last night?” Jasper asked nervously. This was the first time he was unsure whether he had performed well.

Only then did Willow shyly raise her head and nod at him. Then, she nodded again, whispering her answer, “You were incredible.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he pulled her and the blanket into his arms, gazing down at her.. Blushing under his scrutiny, she remembered the previous night’s events, and her heart started to race. He cupped her face and pressed his warm lips to hers.

“Uhm!” She shivered and thought, Again? Sensing her tension, Jasper kissed her again. before letting her go with a chuckle. “Are you scared?”

Willow’s unconvincing side popped out as she raised her chin to reply, “Who says I’m scared?”


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