My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2235

Aimee was surprised that Jasper had brought Willow back with him As Willow glanced at Aimee, she wondered if Aimee’s feelings for Jasper remained as intense as before.

Aimee’s tone was far from welcoming when she finally spoke. “It’s you, but what are you doing here?” she exclaimed in surprise. Willow replied, “I have my reasons for being here.”

Aimee frowned. “Is this a place anyone can just walk into?” Willow clarified, “Outsiders aren’t usually allowed, but family members are an exception.”

Aimee’s breath caught. “Are you two together?”

Willow corrected her, “We’re not just together; we’re engaged and getting married soon.”

Aimee hadn’t anticipated that Jasper and Willow were still an item, and she struggled to hide her disappointment. As she attempted to compose herself, her sharp eyes caught the telltale marks on Willow’s delicate neck- unmistakable love bites. The sight hit her like a blow to the stomach, and she turned to leave.

Willow also felt a sense of relief. She could tell that Aimee’s feelings for Jasper had been there for a long time, given their shared history in this place. Willow pondered that she and the man had only known each other for less than six months, making her empathize with Aimee’s disappointment and unfairness.

Inside Antoine’s office, Jasper was engrossed in his uncle’s discussion about his upcoming surgery. Suddenly, a team member approached and interrupted them, “Jasper, Aimee went looking for you just now. Why are you here?”

Jasper appeared startled and hurriedly left the office. However, Antoine knew the complex situation between his nephew and Aimee. So, he took out a document for assigning a member of their military unit to higher-ups. He jotted down her name.

When Jasper returned to his room and found Willow inside, he let out a sigh of relief, fearing Aimee might cause trouble for her. “Your comrade was looking for you just now,” Willow informed him.

“I know. Did she say anything to you?” he asked nervously. She smiled. “It’s fine. I was just conversing with her.”

He affectionately ruffled her hair and pulled her into his arms. “Tell me if you feel aggrieved.”

She shook her head and replied, “I don’t feel aggrieved Shortly after, Aimee was called to Antoine’s office. When she learned about the transfer order, she remained surprisingly composed. “Mr. Wyatt, did you arrange this intentionally?”

Antoine tried to persuade her, saying, “This is the best choice for your future. Some things can’t be forced, and you can embark on a new mission in a different environment.”

Clenching her fists, Aimee acknowledged that she had let her love blind her and couldn’t control her desires. She knew Jasper was in love with Willow, but she refused to admit she was any less deserving than Willow and couldn’t let go of her feelings. “When am I leaving?”

“In three days.”

“Okay.” She agreed to the transfer but still wanted to know the results of Jasper’s surgery before departing.

After 7.00PM, Jasper underwent several checkups while Willow anxiously waited outside the military medic’s operating theater. Despite his assurances that the surgery wasn’t risky, she was more nervous than if she were the one going under the knife.

Antoine approached her and tried to ease her anxiety. “It’s just a minor surgery. Try not to worry too much.”

Although Willow nodded, she couldn’t sit still due to her nervousness. Meanwhile, Aimee stood nearby, watching Willow with an inscrutable expression in her eyes.

Willow’s gaze remained fixed on the operating theater’s door, and her nervousness was evident on her face as she clenched her fists.

From a distance, Aimee observed Willow critically. She wanted to see what made Willow deserving of Jasper’s affection.

Under the bright lights, Willow’s slender figure stood with an innate sense of grace and nobility. Yet, she also appeared vulnerable, stirring the instinct in men to protect her.


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