My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2236

Aimee suddenly smiled bitterly, as if she had realized why Jasper liked Willow so much and why she had lost to her. If she were a man, she would choose someone like Willow, with her charming, kitten-like personality, over someone as strong-willed as herself. Aimee sighed, feeling much lighter after this realization. She glanced in the direction of the operating theater and then quietly left.

Meanwhile, Willow paced nervously at the door, continuously fidgeting with her hands. She was uncertain about the situation inside and whether the surgery had been successful.

When Antoine came out from the doctor’s office and saw the nervous woman, he approached her and comforted her, “Willow, have a seat. The surgery will still take some time.”

She nodded and sat down, but her anxiety persisted as she tightly clenched her fists. Antoine, standing nearby, now understood why Jasper was so fond of her because she was genuinely in love with his nephew.

The surgery lasted nearly two hours before the operating theater door finally opened. Antoine approached the attending doctor to inquire about Jasper’s condition. The doctor appeared relaxed and nodded, saying, “The surgery was very successful, but we’ll need to wait for feedback on his post-operative condition.”

“Doctor, has my boyfriend awakened?” she asked. The doctor shook his head. “He’s still under anesthesia. It might take another hour before he wakes up.”

At this moment, Jasper is wheeled out of the operating theater by the doctor’s assistant and a nurse, his face wrapped in bandages that reach his ears.

Willow quickly followed the nurse into a room on the same floor. After connecting a bag of fluids to his IV, the nurse left.

Willow immediately held Jasper’s hand, her heart aching at the sight of this man looking so fragile. Yet, this also fueled her determination and courage to stay by his side when he needed her the most. Antoine entered the room later and spoke softly, “Willow, please let us know as soon as Jasper wakes up.”

She nodded in response. After Antoine closed the door and left, she couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. She bent down, pressing her cheek against the back of Jasper’s hand, feeling its warmth..

Surprisingly, Jasper woke up just twenty minutes later. When he saw the teary-eyed Willow beside him, he was moved and almost sat up. “Don’t cry,” he rasped, trying to comfort her. She quickly sat up and exclaimed, “Jasper, you’re awake! Can you hear me?”

For the first time since his amnesia, he heard the sweetest voice. He smiled faintly, saying, “Yes, I can hear you.”

Willow was overjoyed and leaned in to hug Jasper tightly, nuzzling into his chest. “That’s wonderful! You’re okay.”

Afterward, she quickly pressed the call button. Soon, the doctor and Antoine arrived, confirming the success of Jasper’s surgery.

“Jasper, you’ll need some time to recover, and for at least a month, you must take it easy,” the doctor reminded him. Jasper nodded with a serious expression. “Okay, I understand.”

“Furthermore, you cannot leave the base during this time. If anything happens, you must receive immediate treatment.” Jasper grinned at his uncle. “Uncle, don’t worry. I won’t go anywhere as long as I’m with Willow.”

Willow added, “Mr. Wyatt, rest assured that I will watch him like a hawk and not let him mess around during this period.”

“Good. I might not believe Jasper, but I trust you, Willow,” Antoine replied..

She laughed and promised, “You can count on me, Mr. Wyatt.” Antoine chucked and said, “Sure. I’ll arrange a quiet place for you guys to stay and recuperate.”

Once Antoine left, the ward fell quiet. Jasper held Willow’s hand, unwilling to let go even with her sitting beside him. Their eyes met, brimming with affection.

Jasper noticed her reddened eyes and gently cooed, “I’m sorry for making you worry.”


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