My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2238

Willow closed her laptop quickly and smiled. “Oh, why aren’t you resting anymore?”

“You seem to have a lot of suitors,” Jasper asked, seemingly nonchalant. Willow smiled sweetly. “Of course. I’m popular, after all.” She then cheered him up, “Not like I can control how many suitors I have, but you’re the only one I like.” She handed the laptop back to him. “Here you go.”

Jasper took the laptop and put it beside him, and then he pulled Willow into his embrace. Willow wrapped her arms around his neck. “You can’t hold me. Not in this state. Put me down.”

Jasper shrugged it off. “You’re not heavy enough to hurt me.” “You still can’t do this. Doctor’s orders. You have to rest. We have to listen to him,” said Willow.

Jasper still took her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. Willow looked up and met his deep, dark gaze. Her heart skipped a beat. He can’t be trying to… But that’s strenuous exercise. For his sake, she said solemnly, “Don’t do anything rash tonight.”

There was a hint of mischief in Jasper’s eyes. He wasn’t going to listen to the doctor. He had never listened to anyone ever since he came of age. Willow sat up, the look in her eyes stern. “You better behave, Jasper.”

He never listened to anyone… until that day, that was. His uncle’s advice all fell on deaf ears, but one look from Willow, and he stopped misbehaving. Resigned, he pulled her into his embrace and pushed her down in his arms. Willow was held tightly, and she patted his shoulders. “Alright, fine. You can do anything to me once you’re all better.”

That was tempting. Jasper chuckled. “Really?”

“Yep,” said Willow. She would do anything just to calm him down. She knew he wouldn’t do anything to her anyway.

Jasper calmed down like a cat. They got bathed and climbed into bed. Since Jasper couldn’t sleep, Willow couldn’t sleep either. She rested in his embrace and searched for a movie to watch. A while later, she fell asleep. Part of it was thanks to her not sleeping well the night before.

Jasper pulled her closer and kissed her forehead, and then he slept as well. Three days later, Willow finally found where Shirley’s dorm was. She decided to pay her a surprise visit. It was noon. The newbies who finished their training had gone back to their dorms. Willow knocked on someone’s door.

Someone opened up. A woman in tight training attire stood behind the door. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, and she had a lively air about her. She was about half a head taller than Willow. Obviously, those who trained in this base all the time were taller.

The woman looked at Willow for a few moments before she threw herself into Willow’s arms in surprise. “Willow! What brings you here?”

Willow happily hugged the girl. It was a coincidence they met here. “It’s been a while, Shirley. My dad told me you were training here, so I came,” said Willow.

Shirley looked at her, surprised. “But how did you get in?” This is a training base, and it’s top secret. She was surprised Willow showed up here. Willow couldn’t hide her happiness. “My boyfriend’s here, so I came with him.”

“You have a boyfriend? And he’s from this base? Tell me who it is.” Shirley couldn’t wait to find out.

“Yep, It’s Jasper,” said Willow. Shirley stared at Willow in awe. “You wooed the idol of this base? How?”


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