My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2239

“He’s everyone’s idol here?” Willow chuckled. Shirley nodded. Earnestly, she said, “Ever since I got in, he has been the role model I aspire to be. He’s also the juniors’ idol too.”

Willow was surprised that Jasper was revered by everyone here.

“You still haven’t told me how you wooed him. Spill the tea,” said Shirley quickly. She had been training for three months. It was strenuous and arduous training day in and day out, and it had been a while since she had a moment of relaxation.

Willow told her how they met and fell in love. Shirley was happy that she found someone who loved her as much as she loved him. “I can’t wait for your wedding. I’m going to take a day off to attend it,” said Shirley. Some things would never change, one of them being the friendship between Shirley and Willow.

Their parents were best friends, and like their parents, they were friends as well. “Sure. I’ll tell you when we’re getting married,” said Willow.

“My training’s coming to an end. After that, I’m free,” said Shirley happily. She grew up in this place, so like her father, she was working for the country. Her father told her there would be a training camp for the newbie and chucked her into it.

Curious, Willow asked, “So, will you be working at your father’s base too?” Shirley narrowed her eyes. “No. I’m not going to work at any base. I want to go around and train myself up.”

“You’re a brilliant woman. Bet a lot of people would want your services,” said Willow. Shirley had the air of a heroine about her.

The ladies chatted for a whole hour. Eventually, Shirley got orders to gather at the field. They agreed to meet up next time.

It was just a single base, but the place was gigantic. Willow came by car. If she traveled on foot, it would take her half an hour just to walk from end to end.

When Willow came back to Jasper, he was busy working. Even though he was healing up, the man was still capable. Jasper said, “Give me a few minutes.”

Willow smiled. “Just do your work. I’ll be waiting outside.”

With Willow’s moral support, Jasper could focus on work fully. Willow took a seat on the lobby’s couch and read a book silently, waiting for Jasper to finish his work.

Jasper had taken off the bandage on his ears earlier in the morning. There was a scar behind his ears, but those were symbols of bravery. It didn’t affect anything.

Jasper was healing up well, but the doctor showed up at their place that day and recommended that Jasper rest more.

Willow kept reading her book. The exhaustion after lunch set in, and she fell asleep a while later, forgetting to put her book down.

After Jasper finished checking the files and handed them to his superiors, he came back out and saw Willow asleep on the couch. Carefully, he approached her and pulled the book out of her hand. Then, he covered a blanket over her.

There was one thing Jasper didn’t tell his uncle -he wanted to retire from the army. One of the conditions he agreed to was to retire from the army if he wanted to marry Willow. This was in regard to her safety.

Jasper had finished all his missions’ quota. That was his repayment for the base’s raising him up. He could tender his retirement if he wanted. Jasper stared at Willow quietly, love overflowing in his eyes. It was as deep as the sea and as wide as the sky.

Willow was having a dream. It seemed to be a good dream since she suddenly smiled. Jasper smiled as well. His eyes twinkled with the light of love.

Willow had enough sleep. When she opened her eyes, she met Jasper’s gaze.


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