My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2240

She sat up sheepishly and pulled her hair back. Strands of it tumbled down her chest. Her face was pink and glistening. She was overflowing with youth, and Jasper gulped.

He had been holding back for days, so his body was heating up at a blistering rate now. She’s good. One little movement, and he almost couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Willow told him about her meeting up with Shirley Jasper was happy she found a friend here. “So, when are we holding the wedding?” Willow asked. Jasper looked at her gently. “You decide.”

Willow was looking forward to it. “I’d like to set a date as soon as possible. We don’t need to invite a lot of people. I just want my friends and family to be there.”

Jasper lovingly patted the back of her head. “It’s alright. We can hold a grand wedding.”

Knowing who Jasper was, Willow adamantly. said, “No, we can’t make it public. We can hold it on an island and have our friends and family. witness it.”

Jasper nodded. “Of course. If that’s what you want.” Since there was time left, Jasper said, “I’d like to talk to my uncle for a bit. Do you want to come?”

Willow knew he had something important to talk about with Antoine, so she shook her head. “I’ll wait right here. Go.” Jasper leaned closer and kissed her head. “Be back in a minute.”

Jasper left. Willow went back to her book. She liked moving around, but she also liked some quiet moments. This was nice for her.

Jasper came to Antoine’s office. Antoine was feeling nice after dealing with a case. Just then, he saw Jasper. Jasper would never come unprompted, so he must have something to talk to him about. He closed the door. “Just cut to the chase.”

“Uncle, I’d like to talk about my retirement,” said Jasper. Antoine was not surprised. The Presgraves must have talked about it when they decided to marry their daughter to Jasper. They wouldn’t marry her to a special agent who would have to go around the world risking his life. Antoine looked at him. “Are you sure?”

Jasper nodded. “Yes. I can give up anything for her. I just want to keep her safe from now on.”

Antoine nodded. “I can understand how you feel. I brought you into this world. I don’t want to see you leave, but I also want you to live your life how you want.” Antoine raised his head.

Seriously, he said, “I’ll support you now that you’ve made your choice. Give me a report, and I’ll give you proof of your retirement in a month. I’ll keep your identity a secret and abolish all the missions you’re doing. You’ll be given freedom.”

Antoine said, “Just in case, lay low after this. I have faith in you. No matter what you do, you’re a brilliant man. You’ll be fine.”

Jasper said nothing. He felt a little guilty about leaving since his uncle trained him a lot. Antoine smiled as he got up and patted Jasper’s shoulder. “Don’t you worry. The new guys are brilliant too. We have enough agents to go around. You should be going back and inheriting the family business. Everything you learned here will come in handy.”

Jasper was capable enough to lead a good life. He now had someone more important to protect, and he couldn’t risk her life. Thanks, uncle.”

“I have to leave at least one man for the family. Can’t face your old man otherwise.” Antoine smiled. He was happy Jasper was retiring. Once upon a time, he wanted to persuade Jasper to do it. With Jasper taking the initiative, he gave the lad his blessing.

Jasper was a little reluctant to leave his uncle. The man spent his whole life working in this place. He was a great man. Once Jasper was gone, Antoine would be alone. Jasper said, “I’ll come back to see you, uncle.”


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