My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2241

Antoine smiled. “I should also think about retiring. It’s about time.” He looked at his nephew with approval in his eyes. “I’m happy. you found Willow.”

Willow heard footsteps coming closer. She put her book down and quickly left the room. Jasper went to her quickly as well. The moment Willow stood before him, he hugged her and spun around.

Willow leaned in his embrace and smiled. “What happened? Why is he so excited? Jasper smiled and leaned closer. “My uncle agreed to my retirement.”

Willow was happy for him too. From that moment onward, he belonged to her and only her. It felt like she just got her hands on the most valuable treasure in her life. She stood on tiptoes and kissed Jasper. “You’re mine now, then.”

Jasper smiled as well, and he picked her up. “Completely.”

Willow giggled. Jasper took her into the room. They had just stepped inside when Willow said. something that made Jasper nervous. “Oh no. I forgot to bring that.”

Jasper knew what she was talking about, and he froze for a few moments. When he came last time, Willow was eagerly collecting those.

“It’s alright. I’ll get some from the people here.” Jasper smiled. Willow bent over from all the giggling. “I was playing with you. I brought it, of course. Can you even ask for a condom here?”

Jasper pulled her into his embrace. A little annoyed, he said, ‘You cheeky girl.”

Willow loved to prank him and see the look on his face after he got pranked. She wrapped her arms around his neck and said, “I won’t do it next time.”

Jasper tapped her nose. “Can I trust you?”

“Of course, of course.” Willow smiled cheekily. “Just trust me, alright?” She was purring like a cat when Jasper kissed her. He couldn’t take it when she did that.

Jasper had to give her a little punishment for it. Even though it was afternoon, it didn’t stop the couple from going at it, and it felt a little thrilling too.

Night came. The heat of the earlier activity had just gone down. Willow had taken a bath, and her face was still pink from the afterglow. She was sitting on the couch, taking a rest. Jasper had taken a bath as well, after which he got a blanket and covered Willow, so she wouldn’t catch a cold.

The rims of Willow’s eyes were still a little red. Jasper leaned down and kissed the corner of her eyes. Willow leaned her head back and hugged Jasper, enjoying the consoling kiss. Jasper caressed her hair, immersed in her scent. It was a loving scene.

Jasper stayed around and made dinner for Willow. He didn’t tell anyone from the team to give them anything. Willow was like a cat waiting to be fed. She read her book as she waited for Jasper to feed her dinner.

Willow wanted to help, but Jasper refused.. Willow thought she would hinder more than help anyway, so she didn’t insist.

The ingredients here were fresh, so Jasper made a four-course meal. There were steamed fish and shrimp with eggs, both of which were Willow’s favorite. Jasper piled food on Willow’s plate, smiling at her. “Dig in. You had a long day.”

Willow averted her gaze sheepishly, but she happily dug into the food. When Willow said she wanted the fish, Jasper would debone it so she didn’t have to eat with worry. This was what her parents used to do for her.

She loved that he loved her, but she wanted to spoil him too, so she fed him as well. Their eyes met, and love overflowed. It was a blissful moment. Willow would visit Shirley from time to time and watch her train from afar.


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