My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2242

The organization asked Jasper to do some training work. The batch of recruits he had to. train was the one Shirley was in. Willow was watching.

Shirley was the top student of their batch. Willow watched as she dispatched her opponents cleanly, and her eyes went wide with adoration. So cool.

Jasper didn’t join the fray. All he did was instruct and teach. During her break time, Shirley came to Willow, wiping her sweat away with a towel. Moments ago, she was dispatching her opponent, but now she looked like a sweet girl. She huddled closer to Willow. “Jasper’s awesome, isn’t he?”

Willow smiled. “He’s alright, I guess.” Willow was humble. She knew how awesome Jasper really was, however. Shirley smiled. “He’s not the idol of this base for nothing. I wish you happiness, Willow.”

Willow handed her a bottle of water, which she took. Willow huddled closer. “What about you? Do you have anyone you like? I think that guy’s alright.” Willow had been watching her surroundings, and she noticed a handsome guy looking at them, so she thought he was interested in Shirley.

Shirley spat her water onto the ground and shushed Willow. Willow looked at her in great surprise. She whispered smugly, “Right on the money, huh?”

Shirley wrapped an arm around Willow’s shoulder and huddled closer. Shirley’s face was already pink to start with, but now she was as red as a tomato. She whispered, “He’s just my senior.”

Willow stared at her with a smile. I can see through you. Shirley put on a sheepish look and whispered, “I’ve been here for three months, and yeah, I do like him, but we’ll be separated soon,” said Shirley. Everyone would fall in love someday.

Shirley grew up in her father’s base, and this was her first time leaving her father to gain some experience. Her leader, Cole Castoff, was a brilliant man, so it was not surprising that she fell for him.

Cole and Jasper were about the same age, and they were chatting. Obviously, they were friends.

Shirley met gazes with Cole, who was looking at her, and she quickly averted her gaze. Looking at the adorable friend of hers, Willow sighed. Time flies. I’ve found the love of my life and am about to get married, while Shirley has someone she likes. “Shirley, trust me. If you like him, you have to seize the chance,” said Willow. This was her experience in relationships.

Shirley looked at Cole. Frustrated, she said, “I’m not good enough for him.”

Willow pulled her closer and looked at her seriously. “You’re good enough. Be confident in yourself. You deserve the best the world has to offer.”

Shirley hugged Willow. “You too, Willow.”

Willow patted her. Just then, Jasper came to them, and Willow stood up, holding Shirley’s hand. “I’ll make the introductions, then.”

Shirley followed her over to Jasper. Willow said, ‘Jasper, this is my best friend, Shirley.”

Jasper smiled. ‘I know. I know your father, and I respect him.”

Excited, Shirley said, “It’s an honor to meet you, sir. You’re my idol.” Willow chuckled. “We’re about the same age. Don’t use honorifics. You make him sound like an old man.”


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