My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2243

Shirley smiled as well. “Sure, I’ll call you Jasper, then.”

Jasper nodded with a smile. “Of course. We’ll be going now, then.” Jasper took Willow’s hand. A moment ago, he was a strict instructor, but a moment later, he was a gentle boyfriend.

Shirley waved them goodbye and saw them off. She turned around and saw Cole walking toward her. Shy, she quickly turned around and tried to leave. However, Cole stopped her. “A minute, Shirley.”

Shirley looked back and tensed up. “What do you need, captain?” Cole stared at her, trying to say something, and then he smiled. “Nothing. Just want to say you’re doing great in the training. We’ll meet again.”

Shirley knew it was the last day of training, and he wouldn’t be the instructor for the next three days. She nodded. ‘See you around, Cole.”

Cole nodded and was about to leave, but Willow’s message was ringing in Shirley’s head. She couldn’t help but call out to him. “Cole, wait.”

Cole looked back. The setting sun shone on him, making him look strong, tough, and tall. He was young, but he had a rugged air around him.

Girls loved men like him. “Anything else?” Cole asked, his eyes filled with anticipation. Shirley took a deep breath and looked at him. “Cole, can you ask to get assigned to my dad’s base?”

Cole smiled. “Why?”

“Because I…” Shirley was a little embarrassed to say her feelings out loud. Cole was such a righteous man, and yet she was trying to flirt with him. It was inappropriate. She held back her feelings. “I’d like to come to your class again.”

A hint of disappointment flickered in Cole’s eyes, but he nodded happily. “I’ll make the application when I can.”

Cole left. Shirley saw him off and heaved a sigh. She bit her lip, cursing her cowardice. Shirley was worried she might let her father down. She was only twenty-three and had yet to serve the country. If she jumped straight into love, she might look like a failure.

She didn’t dare to talk about her feelings. If she had the chance, she would serve the country instead of wasting time on something like love.

Cole walked further and further away. Shirley sighed and turned around, but she didn’t notice that Cole was standing nearby, seeing her off before he went away himself. Willow came back to her home and sat Jasper down. Earnestly, she asked, “Hey, Jasper, are you close with Cole?”

Jasper looked at her curiously and nervously at the same time. She’s asking about another man? Noticing his nervousness, Willow wrapped her arms around his neck. “Don’t get jealous. This is for someone else. Just tell me about him.”

Jasper heaved a sigh of relief. He then remembered that Willow had talked to Shirley for a while just earlier, and he knew who this was for instantly. A moment later, he said, “He’s my junior. We’re on amicable terms, and he graduated at the top of his batch. A nice guy.”

Willow was happy for her friend. She couldn’t ask about his family, however. Jasper held her arm and pulled her aside. “I need to bathe. Smells like sweat.”

Willow pushed him back down on the couch. “You’re not leaving. I’m not complaining, you know.”

Jasper loved this. She knows how to cheer me up. Just then, Willow’s phone buzzed. She picked it up. One of her suitors had texted her.


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