My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2245

Cole paused for a moment before looking at the trinket. Shirley knew this wasn’t the best memento, but she really wanted to give him something that she held dear. That would make for a better present. She hoped it would remind him of her. He took the cat trinket. “Sure, I’ll treasure this.”

Shirley smiled. “See you around.” She walked toward the helicopter. As she strode, her ponytail fluttered in the wind beautifully.

Cole was reluctant to see her leave, and there was love in his eyes. Of course, he felt her feelings over the last three months, but out of professionalism, he couldn’t respond to her feelings.

Shirley got into the helicopter and turned around to wave him goodbye. The helicopter took off. Shirley looked at Cole until he was a speck on the ground, and something in her heart felt empty. She heaved a sigh, and then a message came in. She checked her phone and noticed that the message was from her friend.

My background check has gone wrong, Shirley. I can’t join the mission. What should I do? I don’t want to lose this job.’

Shirley knew what her teammate was talking about. She was referring to the matter where she was assigned to be the personal bodyguard for the new vice president.

Can you help me, Shirley? She knew what she was going to ask her and texted, ‘Don’t worry, Imogen. I’ll take the internship for you.”

Really? That’s great, thank you.

Shirley texted a smile emoji. ‘I’ll keep this position for you, don’t you worry: Shirley’s eyes twinkled. Perfect chance to intern and see how I fare in the greater world. This is a good opportunity. I can help my friend and see how capable I am at the same time. That’s killing two birds with one stone. Hmm, but I heard that the new vice president is hard to deal with. He’s very stern and strict when it comes to work. He doesn’t make decisions based on emotions and is also hard to get along with in private.

Hmm, but I’m just an intern bodyguard. Maybe I don’t have to be in direct contact with him. It shouldn’t be a problem. Now that she had a goal, Shirley felt happier. She could tell her parents she had to take a break and go for a three-month internship. That’s the plan.

Three days later, Jasper and Willow left the base as well. Jasper also took along the proof of retirement Antoine gave him. From that point onward, all records of Jasper in the base would be erased, which made him a free man.

Willow called her family. When they came to the Presgrave Residence, a big dinner was waiting for them.

The moment Jasper walked into the house, he felt warm and fuzzy. It had been too long since he had a family. The Presgraves gave him the feeling of being home.

Anastasia and Elliot were happy to see a new member joining their family. They were happy with Jasper being their daughter’s partner. He was smart, wise, and powerful-the perfect. person to protect their princess.

After dinner, the men had their men’s talk while Willow and Ellen were upstairs with the child. They were chatting. Once they brought up the wedding, Ellen gave a lot of suggestions, after which Willow made a decision. She didn’t want it to be a huge wedding, nor would she make it public. She also wouldn’t invite too many guests. Only family and friends would be invited.

Jasper and Willow didn’t stay at the residence. His villa was already cleaned and set up by the housekeeper, so they were going to stay the night there. Willow opened up her suitcase and hung her clothes in Jasper’s cabinet. Looking at all the necessities she had prepared for the both of them, she felt bliss.

Jasper’s villa was in the city center. Only those with money and power could buy a house in at place like this, and this was the quietest place in this area.


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