My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2246

Willow only noticed that Old Mr. Wyatt had collected a lot of famous paintings once the place was cleaned up. The whole villa felt classy. She loved this place.

Jasper wrapped his arm around her waist. “Like these? If you don’t, I can tear them down and renovate the house again.”

Willow turned back quickly. “I love these. I love your parents’ tastes. You don’t need to renovate it again.” Willow felt for him. This was the last piece of proof of his family. She couldn’t bear to have him renovate it again.

Jasper looked down at her and pulled her hair back. As he stared at her face, he gulped, and something flickered in his eyes. He couldn’t hold back whenever it came to her-all the emotional control he learned in the organization would always melt away, and he would show his desire in its full, uncontrollable form.

Sensing this, Willow felt her cheeks burn up, but she still mustered up her courage to stand on her tiptoe and brush her lips across Jasper’s. She tried to run away right after that.

Jasper wouldn’t let that happen, of course. He grabbed her arm and tugged her back. She fell into his embrace and bumped into his chest. Willow chuckled. Her sweet, innocent look allured Jasper.

Jasper didn’t hold back anymore. Willow had been flirting with him too much. This gave him an excuse to spoil her. Before Willow knew what was happening, Jasper had already held her chin. She was enveloped by his scent, and as her heart raced, she accepted his passionate kiss.

When Willow got a little dizzy from the kiss, Jasper picked her up and carried her in his arms. Willow buried her head in his chest, her heart fluttering like a butterfly. She often wondered if she was Jasper’s first girlfriend. He was a great kisser, after all.

While she was immersed in her thoughts, Jasper pushed her down. Since she didn’t know where to place her hands, Jasper took charge and held them above her head. It was exciting for Willow. It felt like she was under his control -suffocating but thrilling.

With nowhere to go, Willow succumbed to her hunter, and they fell into the pits of pleasure.

A slender figure came out of Averna’s airport with a suitcase in tow. A middle-aged woman was the one welcoming her. She came over and said, “Hello, miss.”

“It’s been a while, Mrs. Hetna.” Shirley came ahead, smiling.

“It’s been a while. Your grandmother is waiting for you at home. I’ll take your luggage.”

“Just call me Shirley,” Shirley said. She walked out of the airport and took a breath of the crisp air. “Feels good to be home.” A smug gaze filled her eyes as she thought of how she had successfully fooled her dad. She could stay here for three months and finish her internship in peace.

She got into the car and held up her phone to check something. A photo of a man was shown on her screen. He was in a typical suit, his gaze filled with decisiveness. It felt like he was a godfather-alone, yet powerful.

Even though he was young, there was wisdom in his eyes. He had the air of someone in control, caution, and bravery. Shirley knew why this man became vice president. It wasn’t because of his background. His capability was nothing to be laughed at..

Shirley put her phone down and closed her eyes, thinking about Cole. In this city of vice, it was normal to think about someone she liked. I wonder if Cole’s thinking about me too. Her eyes flickered with anticipation.

In three days, she would take Imogen’s place in the internship. Shirley looked forward to it, although she was nervous. She grew up under her father’s wing, yet soon, she would be spreading her own wings. It was liberating, but the future was also uncertain.


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