My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2247

She then remembered that Willow was around too. I can ask her out for a bit of fun. Shirley smiled.

The sun shone upon the world, waking up the metropolis. For once, Willow woke up early. She extended her arm, but there was nothing beside her. Her eyes snapped open. Out of her concern for Jasper’s old job, she was worried whenever he wasn’t around.

She got up and went around to find him. When she saw him doing pull-ups in the courtyard, and easily too, she heaved a sigh of relief. She stood at the doorway and watched him work out. His arms were powerful, and his core was taut. His toned and s*xy back was fully exposed to her. She blushed.

Willow draped a shirt over herself and went over. Noticing her coming closer, Jasper hopped down and turned around. “You’re up early.”

Willow thought she could do pull-ups easily too, since Jasper made it look simple. She said confidently, “I want to try this. Take me up there.”

“You sure?” Jasper asked. Willow didn’t want to be looked down upon. She nodded. “I can do ten pull-ups.”

Jasper bent over and lifted her. Willow held the bar. The moment Jasper let go, she realized she had spoken too soon about how she could do ten pull-ups. It would be a miracle if she could even do one. She used every ounce of her strength to pull herself up, but even after she had exhausted every fiber of strength in her body, she still failed to do one pull-up.

Jasper held back his laughter and took her back down. Her hands were already red. Concerned, he bowed his head and blew on it. “Does it hurt?”

Willow looked at him. She thought he would laugh at her, but there was only love in his eyes. The acceptance she felt from him made her blush more, and she leaned closer in his embrace. She said, “I’m useless.” Jasper put an arm around her waist. “You’re not useless. You’re awesome.”

Willow blinked, “How am I awesome?”

“They say men conquer the world, and women conquer men. You’ve conquered me, so that makes you awesome.” Willow chuckled and fell into his embrace. She loved this compliment.

Jasper noticed she wasn’t wearing a lot of layers, so he picked her up and went into the lounge. Jasper was feeling hyped up in the morning. Willow saw desire in his gaze.

She breathed heavily. A night of rest later, she had gained back her stamina. She rubbed Jasper’s arm. “What are you thinking?”

“Take a guess,” Jasper said in a raspy voice. Willow gulped. “Don’t you need any rest?”

“I don’t have to rest if it means satisfying you.” He took her upstairs. Willow complained, “Hey, don’t make this my fault. You want this for yourself.”

Jasper silenced her with a kiss. It was already eleven when Willow woke up again. She realized they hadn’t been holding back at all. Is this really alright? However, she got over it quickly. As long as we’re happy, to hell with everything else.

The Meyers Residence. It was Shirley’s grandmother’s abode. Shirley’s grandmother was a septuagenarian with graying hair. Ever since her husband’s death, the dame had been living a lonely life. Shirley’s mother took the opportunity to ask Shirley to spend some time with the dame.

After she woke up in the morning, Shirley took a stroll with her grandmother. They got some fresh greens on their way back, after which she watched some news in the lounge. Just when Shirley was about to change the channel, something grabbed her attention.

It was the footage of a big shot receiving foreign dignitaries. The camera captured the scene clearly. He was about six-foot-three and towering. There was a regal smile on his face, but that smile felt distant.


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