My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2248

Shirley rested her chin on her hand, staring at the young vice president. I’m gonna be his bodyguard soon and move into his house Wonder if this guy is really that hard to get along with. Her phone chimed just as her thoughts started wandering. She checked it, and it was a text telling her to report for duty.

Shirley took up Imogen’s identity. Once she was done with the internship, she’d let Imogen take her place and leave with no one any the wiser. Thus, she reported for duty in the afternoon. Despite the fact that she was extremely worried and had tampered with the ID beforehand, she still passed the interview with flying colors.

“Report for duty in three days, Imogen. No tardiness, and no slacking off. Follow the rules.”

“Understood.” Shirley nodded. She felt a little nervous. Still, her mental barriers were holding strong, so she could go through the motions as though things were just fine.

Once she was out, Imogen called for an update. The woman heaved a sigh of relief when she heard that everything went well. “I almost had a heart attack. I thought they’d see through you.”

“Don’t worry. I’m a pro. It’s only for three months. You can get an actual job after that. Then, you can ask to be assigned to another city. You don’t have to stay in Averna.”

“Thanks, Shirley.”

“Don’t mention it. Just rest up. I’ll deal with everything here.” Shirley came out of the side door and was about to get to the car park, but a big motorcade made an unwelcome appearance. She quickly tucked her phone back into her bag, straightened her posture, and bowed at the motorcade.

The motorcade stopped before the front door. A bodyguard opened the car door in the center, and a mature, captivating man walked out. Shirley’s heart skipped a beat. She didn’t expect to see her boss on the first day of her internship -the vice president, Zacharias Flintstone.

This man was the talk of the town and the center of many nations’ attention. He had recently switched up and improved his security. That was why he had picked some bodyguards from Shirley’s father’s base.

Even though he was quite a distance away from her, she could still feel the intense aura wafting off this guy. He turned around to say something to his men, so he inadvertently faced her direction. Since she had been staring at him all the time, the guy even spared a cursory glance at her.

One look was all it took for her to feel suffocated. His eyes were dark yet captivating. It was as if a dangerous soul was housed within him.

Shirley quickly looked down. Please let me pass the internship safely. I just want to get this job for my friend.

So, she waited until Zacharias had gone inside before she went to her car. Even though she was already in her car, she was still thinking about the look Zacharias gave her. I should stay away from him. It will be disastrous if he learns that I’m impersonating someone else for the internship. Also, his political stance is vastly different from my great uncle’s. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that he doesn’t like my family.

It would be bad if the guy caught any dirt on her. While she still had a couple of days off left, she asked Willow out for a meal. Willow readily agreed. Soon, she made her way to the restaurant and saw her friend. Shirley was in a beige suit and a pair of jeans. She looked as lively and as fashionable as ever. Frankly, Willow couldn’t believe this girl was the same one who fought off three opponents in the training field last time.

Shirley greeted happily, “Order whatever you want, Willow. It’s my treat.”

Willow quickly said, “No, it’s mine. Order anything you want.” Shirley rested her chin on her hand. “Sure. Thanks for the meal.”

She didn’t tell Winona that she came for work.

That secret was only privy to Imogen and herself. Willow informed her that she was in the midst of making arrangements for her wedding. Even though they were the same age, Willow had a far more worldly view of life. She grew up overseas, while Shirley stayed in the base with her parents.

Therefore, even though she would follow some teams to foreign countries, she was still a bit more inexperienced compared to Willow.


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