My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2250

It was a kind of feeling driving in a car couldn’t provide. Every time Jasper stepped on the brakes, Willow would slam into his back, causing a smile to appear on the corner of his lips. After a while, she couldn’t help but wonder whether he was stepping the brakes on purpose.

Eventually, they stopped in front of a hotel. So, she said, “Let’s stay in the hotel tonight. I booked a room for myself. We can have it for the night.”

He wasn’t surprised she had a place to stay everywhere. He nodded. “Sure. We’ll go with your plan.”

She looked at him sheepishly. “But there’s one thing I don’t have here.” She refused to go to the convenience store with him and purchase a pack of condoms. Therefore, she urged, “You’re buying that yourself. I’ll be waiting in the lobby.”

Of course, Jasper knew what she was implying. He replied, “Sure. Wait for me. I’ll be back right away.”

She sauntered into the lobby. This hotel belonged to the Mansons. The manager eagerly served the young miss of the Presgraves the moment she came in. Ten minutes later, a tall, handsome man came into the lobby. The receptionists’ eyes shone, and they stared at the man with unblinking eyes.

When they saw him approaching Willow, they got a little envious. Could he be Miss Presgrave’s boyfriend? She has a good eye for men.

Willow said something to the manager, and then she led Jasper to the elevator. They came to Willow’s room eventually. The waitstaff would clean this place every day, and they would dry clean the clothes she left here from time to time. There was a lack of men’s clothing here, so Jasper had to make do with a robe.

“I’ll keep a few sets of your clothes here next time,” said Willow. Jasper uncapped a bottle of water and handed it to her. “Have some water.”

She took it and drank from it. Love was in the details, after all. His love was all for her. He took care of her like she was a priceless treasure. He would know if she was thirsty, cold, or hungry. In fact, she had no doubt that he would do anything to keep her comfortable.

Once she was done, she gave the bottle back to him. “You have some, too.”

He heartily drank the water. In the meantime, she figured it would be best to take a shower now. Just then, he rasped, “Wanna do it together?”

She could feel herself flushing crimson. “You mean to say, get in the bathtub together?”

He quirked his lips into a smile. “That works, too.”

She murmured bashfully, “Just the shower will do. Help me wash my hair.”

Jasper was more than happy to help. Willow pushed him. “You go ahead. I’ll come in later.”

So, he went into the bathroom without further ado. She could hear water sloshing around, causing her to hesitate for a moment. Nevertheless, she mustered up her courage. We’ve gone all the way anyway. There’s no need for me to feel shy. We’re going to do something really happy. She went into the bathroom.

He had already washed his hair, so his hair was drenched. The light was shining upon his V- shaped body and taut muscles.

Even though she’d just had some water, her throat felt dry. Before she could even react, he had pulled her into his embrace. Soon, they stood under the flowing water. The water almost choked her.

The curtain of water parted, and she could feel sweet oxygen pouring into her lungs once more. She gulped some air and noticed that Jasper had leaned down to part the water. Then, he held her chin and leaned in for a kiss.

Her nerves felt electrified by his touch. Her head was woozy. It felt like she was encased in a globe of water as she dazedly wrapped her arms around his neck, responding to his kiss.

He wanted to see her reaction, so he pulled back after some time. Willow panted against his lips. She wanted to say something, but his tongue slithered into her mouth before she could voice her thoughts.

The gentle kiss stirred something up within her. By the time he was done with her, she had no strength left. So, he started shampooing her hair. She could feel his slender fingers gently rubbing her scalp. Even though his actions were far from arousing, she could still feel her heart race and her face turning red from the intimacy. The overwhelming love surrounding her was an intoxicating mix indeed.


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