My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2251

Once Willow was clean, they came out of the shower. She didn’t need to do anything else as Jasper had changed into a robe, and he was blow-drying her hair. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed the moment. It was late by the time everything was done. So, she snuggled under the covers as he cleaned up the lounge. He only got into bed the moment everything was all tidied up.

He hugged her through the blanket before raising her chin. He peppered kisses all over her face, causing an electrifying feeling to break through her wooziness. It was to be a hot and heavy night once more.

Dawn had just broken through the horizon, but Shirley was already training outside. It was her first day reporting for duty. She set off at 7.00AM to report for duty at the security. guards’ area. When she was there, she immediately got her uniform, work ID, and all kinds of equipment in short order. Then, she was assigned a dorm. The dorm was about two thousand yards away from Zacharias’ place. Her internship would involve protecting Zacharias while he was at home. She would only be allowed to follow him out if she received any orders from her employer.

Shirley was more than happy with that. arrangement. Once she was done with the internship, she could leave. The reason shel insisted on helping Imogen was because their friendship ran deep. She was hurt during their training once, and Imogen abandoned her task just to help her. Imogen was severely criticized and had her points deducted because of that.

She had always felt guilty because of that. So, when Imogen asked her for help, she agreed without even a second thought. She had a favor to return, after all.

“Roll call, Imogen!” someone called Shirley. Shirley didn’t realize they were calling her. It wasn’t until she was stared at that she took a deep breath. “Right away.”

Once the person was gone, she heaved a sigh. / have to get used to the fact that I’m Imogen now. I can’t space out all the time. Shirley went down for the roll call. She was subjected to nearly two hours of a lecture regarding rules and regulations before it was time for task delegation.

Suddenly, she realized that there were only two female bodyguards this time. After everyone was assigned to their posts, the ladies still had no tasks to speak of. Shirley wondered why. The captain dismissed everyone, but he asked the ladies to stay behind.

“Imogen, Corinne, your task is a bit different. You’ll not be standing sentry. Instead, you’ll be assigned as secret service agents who serve the vice president in his abode. Since things are complicated at the moment, we cannot trust any outside hires. We’ll need you to act as the vice president’s maid. Your job involves everything about housekeeping.”

Shirley’s eyes went wide. What? That’s the thing I’m most worried about. She just wanted to coast through her internship and stay away from that guy as far as possible. But now I have to work near him?!

“Of course, captain. We will not let you down. We’ll take care of the vice president.”

She had to voice her assent as well. “We’ll do our job.”

“Good. It’s a trying time. Stay on guard and make sure the vice president is well-protected. He will be leaving after 10.00AM. You can then make your way there and get used to the place. I’ll text you the contents of your work and the vice president’s schedule later.

“Yes, sir.” Corinne and Shirley stood up straighter. Once the captain was gone, Shirley turned around. “Hi, I’m Imogen Young.”

Corinne smiled. “I’m Corinne Cleaver. Unlike you, my family got me this spot. I’m not hired.”

Shirley paused for a moment. She could see the obvious look of superiority on Corinne’s face. Nonetheless, she kept a smile on her face. “I see. Let’s get along, then.”

“I’ll have to make something clear, Imogen. You might have to work a little harder. I’m not that good at housekeeping, so you’ll have to bear with me.”


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