My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2252

Shirley kept smiling. “Then, you should’ve told the captain and have him switch someone else in.”

“No can do. Do you have any idea how important this chance is for me? Don’t do anything stupid, either. Otherwise, I can’t promise if you can pass your internship.” Corinne flung her hair back haughtily and left.

Shirley heaved a sigh. Why am I even here? So that b*tch can order me around? She didn’t mind Zacharias ordering her around because he was the vice president. However, she drew the line at Corinne. There was no way she was going to take this lying down. She was beyond annoyed because that b*tch not only dared to order her around, but the woman also threatened Imogen’s job.

If this was just Shirley’s mission, she could ask to be assigned away. Unfortunately, she was representing Imogen at the moment. Hence, she couldn’t afford to leave. She had to finish her internship carefully. She could already see how nightmarish her life would be because of this gig. Alas, she had no choice but to deal with it.

Regardless, she didn’t let this spoil her mood as she was then reminded of Cole. Soon enough, courage welled within her. During the three months of training, Cole was like a ball of strength that kept pushing her onward, motivating her growth. Whenever she ran into any hardship, she would be reminded of Cole’s words.

After Shirley came back to the dorm, the captain texted her everything she had to do. As expected, they were all housekeeping tasks. She could feel the pressure and dismay piling on her shoulders. She didn’t know how to housekeep at all.

Then, she promptly received Zacharias’ a week’s worth of schedule and itinerary. She was surprised to find out he had a set schedule for himself even at home after skimming through it. He takes care of a lot of stuff every day. His hours at home were either spent working or going through files in the study. Even his rest hours were compressed to six hours every day.

He’s a super pro. Shirley was impressed by his dedication. Corinne then came to her. The ridiculous woman had divided all the chores between them. Everything related to serving Zacharias was taken up by her, while everything unrelated to Zacharias was unceremoniously tossed to Shirley.

For example, Corinne would be making tea and drinks for Zacharias as well as cleaning his room and the study. Shirley would be cleaning everywhere else but the places Corinne took up. She would also have to do the dishes and laundry.

“I have taken up courses regarding cooking and nutrition. So, I will be cooking for him as well. Only cooking. You’ll be cleaning up after me,” said Corinne.

Shirley was miffed. Nevertheless, she feigned a placid smile as she replied, “Fine by me.”

“And one more thing. Just because you’re working in the vice president’s house and seeing him all the time doesn’t mean he’ll like you. Give it up. That will not happen,” said Corinne sternly.

That’s something you should say to yourself, Shirley thought. I don’t have any ideas about him. “Don’t worry. I have someone I like. I won’t get any ideas about the vice president,” said Shirley coolly.

Corinne chortled. “You’d better be. Also, don’t you poke your nose into my business.”

Shirley nodded. “I can do that.”

Before Corinne took her leave, she gazed at Shirley for a while. Then, she turned around and departed.

Shirley felt a little nervous after getting stared at. Did she find me out? She picked up her laptop and looked into Corinne’s background. Once she was done checking her background, Shirley understood why Corinne was such a diva.

Powerful. Her family’s powerful enough for her to put on this diva act even in a place like this. Shirley put the laptop down and let out a weary sigh. I’ll be walking on thin ice after this, then. I have to do my best and finish my internship.

The moment the clock struck 10.00AM, Shirley and Corinne went into Zacharias’ abode. It was an old house that was refurbished. The place looked like a fusion of modernity and the old times. The retro walls and murals glittered like stars under the illumination of the crystal lights.


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