My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2254

Zacharias’ preferences were included in the file their captain sent them. The kind of tea he liked, how many times the leaves had to be washed, and how heavy or light he wanted his tea. Shirley finished making tea and took it upstairs. She saw Corinne standing downstairs, staring at her enviously.

Shirley wondered what was there to be envied. It’s just serving him tea. There’s nothing to envy. Just a few moments ago, her guess that he was hard to get along with was confirmed. It felt like she was in the company of a beast.

She went into the study and saw Zacharias seated on the settee before the floor-to-roof window. He was scrolling through an iPad. She quietly approached him and placed the tea on the desk. Then, she asked, “Mr. Flintstone, does it hurt? Should I put some oil on it?”

Zacharias didn’t look up. His eyelashes were shining under the sun, covering his eyes. His features were handsome. He would always come out looking dashing, thanks to his good looks, no matter how the reporters took his pictures.

“No,” he said coolly, She nodded and was about to leave. “Who came into my study just now?” he demanded. That shocked her. Wait, why? Did he lose a file or something? I can’t sell Corinne out. First, I have to settle the matter. “Did you lose anything, sir?”

He finally raised his head, but his eyes were like two little abysses, hiding his thoughts behind a black hole. “Do not touch anything in this room. Just dust things off,” he said in frustration. He obviously did not like anyone touching his stuff.

“Yes, sir.” She nodded quickly.

“What is your name?” He narrowed his eyes.

“Imogen… Imogen Young, sir,” she answered.

“And the other one?”

“Corinne Cleaver. We will be in charge of housekeeping,” she replied.

He nodded. “Leave.”

She came out of the study. Corinne was downstairs, waiting for her. Then, as calmly as she could, she said, “Corinne, Mr. Flintstone told me that next time you clean his study, just dust the things off. Do not touch anything.”

Corinne frowned. “You ratted me out?”

“No. I solved the problem,” she answered.

Corinne didn’t believe her at all as she huffed in disdain. “Not bad, wench. Left a deep first impression on the vice president. Unfortunately, with your family’s power, you’ll be nothing more than an intern.”

“We’re both interns here. We’re equals. Don’t give me that show of superiority.” Shirley frowned. Corinne checked the time. “I’ll have to make lunch for the vice president. Off you go.”

Shirley went back to her cleaning job. She cleaned the vicinity, including the courtyard. She was serious when it came to work.

Zacharias stood before the French window on the second floor. He was holding his cup of tea as he watched Shirley sweep the courtyard. Then, he noticed she was getting ready to sprint, and he frowned. He wondered what she was going to do.

Honestly, she wasn’t going to do anything. She just saw a plastic bag hanging from a tree’s branch, and it was sticking out like a sore thumb. However, she had no tools to take it down, so she decided to take it down herself. Since it was hanging from the end of the branch, it would take skills to take it down.

She did a perfect sprint, leaped onto the trunk, and then she used the momentum to leap higher until she could catch the plastic bag. One moment later, she jumped back down and rolled around.

It was only a few seconds, but it showcased her superb skills. He was surprised. He didn’t expect a regular lady like her to possess this level of skill.


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