My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2255

Shirley chucked the plastic bag into the bin she lugged around with her. Then, she continued sweeping the ground. She felt her headband getting loose, so she took it off. A gust of breeze blew across the courtyard, and her hair fluttered in the wind. The sun shone upon her face, lending her even more beauty and life than she already had.

Zacharias narrowed his eyes and commented inwardly, Not just a regular girl, I see. He then realized he had wasted time commenting on a girl and heaved a frustrated sigh. So, he turned around and picked up the new file to go through it.

Afternoon came. Corinne made a five-course meal that looked delicious. When Shirley came back from work, she gulped. “Smells nice,” she said.

“It’s not for you,” Corinne answered snidely. Shirley said nothing more. Corinne said, “I’ll tell the vice president it’s time for lunch.

Not long after Corinne went upstairs, Zacharias came down. He was wearing a shirt, a vest, and a pair of pants. The attire made him look taller than he already was, and the man was already six-foot-three. Even though Shirley was five- foot-six, she looked short before him. “Lunch is ready, sir. Enjoy. We’ll be back in a moment,” said Corinne. She hoped her cooking would be praised.

Zacharias looked at the food, but he said nothing. Corinne waited for a while but didn’t get the compliment she wanted to hear. In the end, she felt dejected by his lack of response. Zacharias said, ‘I only need one of you around. I prefer a quiet place.”

Corinne thought Zacharias wanted her to stay since she was pretty, capable, and a good cook.

He turned around and swept his gaze across the ladies. When he laid his eyes on Shirley, she got nervous. She really didn’t want to stay. When he looked at Corinne, there was anticipation in her eyes. Corinne wanted to stay. In the end, he turned back to Shirley and pointed at her. “You’re staying.”

Shirley waved her hands quickly. “No, Mr. Flintstone. I can’t cook. Let Corinne stay.”

“This is an order, and it’s final,” he said sternly. Even though Shirley recommended her, Corinne still harbored resentment for her. She thought Shirley was only acting. I know you want to stay with him. Corinne didn’t want to leave either. “Let me stay, Mr. Flintstone. I promise I won’t be a bother.” It wasn’t every day she could stay close to a man like him.

“No. You may return to your dorm now,” he said with a tone of finality.

Corinne really wanted to stay, but she couldn’t defy Zacharias. So, she glared at Shirley furtively before she left. Shirley felt resigned as well. She wanted to leave but was forced to stay. Her emotions were the total opposite of Corinne’s.

After Corinne left, Zacharias said, “Imogen, have lunch with me.”

Shirley waved her hands. “No. Our captain has already prepared food for us. Give me half an hour. I’ll be back after I’m done eating.”

“There’s a lot of food here. I can’t finish them by myself,” said Zacharias.

She couldn’t help but think that he had a point. It was true that he couldn’t finish a whole feast by himself. Besides, she couldn’t exactly refuse since he was the one extending the invite. “Of course.” Thus, she went into the kitchen to get her plate and cutlery.

He was already digging into his meal by the time she returned. So, she took some food and piled it on her plate as well. He looked at her, slightly surprised. He thought she would restrain herself. So, he was rather astonished that she didn’t even bother. In fact, she showed no hint of fear either.

Corinne was about to leave but abruptly remembered she left her phone in the house. This was her important tool of communication. She had to go back and retrieve It. Yet, when she came back to the lounge’s doorway, she was met with a scene that angered her. That scheming harpy is sitting with the vice president and eating the food I made for him?!


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