My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2256

Corinne had her own opinions, but at this moment, she couldn’t say anything. She observed for a moment and saw that Imogen was eating so naturally. She was completely unrestrained in front of Zacharias. Corinne couldn’t help but wonder where Imogen got the courage. Even she couldn’t stay this calm. Just standing next to someone like Zacharias was already intimidating, let alone having a meal with him.

Corinne still didn’t dare to go back for her phone as she was afraid of disrupting Zacharias’ meal. She decided she would go back home to get her other phone.

Shirley ate quietly. When Zacharias looked at her, she calmly took a bite of her food. She even reminded him, “This dish is a bit spicy. Mr. Flintstone, can you handle spicy food?”

He replied, “I can.”

Shirley smiled, turned around to get a bowl, and served a bowl of soup for the man next to her. ‘Don’t forget to drink soup after the meal!”

He was speechless..

Was this her home or his home? After drinking two spoonfuls of soup, Zacharias said, “I’m done. You can clean up.”

Upon seeing that the man hadn’t eaten much, Shirley immediately sensed something-hist stomach was not easy to please. “Bring a cup of coffee up in ten minutes,” the man said as he got up from the table.

“Okay, Mr. Flintstone,” Shirley replied immediately. Zacharias went upstairs, and she quickly cleared the table of food and dishes. She first took them to the sink and then went to the coffee machine to make coffee for him.

Shirley was experienced in this regard because she liked making coffee for her mother. She made a cup for the man according to her mother’s preferences out of habit. Three parts sugar and three parts milk.

Shirley carried the tray with the coffee upstairs. She tried to slow down her steps as she reached the study door. She knocked, and just as she pushed the door open, she heard a loud voice. “If you cause trouble for me again, I’ll make sure you undergo a proper reform.”

She was startled. Her hand trembled, and it almost tipped the tray. Luckily, she reacted quickly. She stood somewhat awkwardly at the. door while looking at the man by the floor-to- ceiling window scolding someone.

“Don’t talk about our relationship to the outside world, and don’t use my identity.” The low voice carried authority and annoyance.

“Just you wait.” The man, who was still very irritated, hung up the phone. After turning around, he saw the girl behind him with the coffee. He said in a deep voice, “Put the coffee down and do something for me.”

Shirley immediately placed the coffee on the table, held the tray with both hands, and was ready to take orders. “Mr. Flintstone, please go on.

“Go to the downtown police station and bail someone out for me. His name is Tony Flintstone, Zacharias said before adding, “Bring him back to me.”

Shirley nodded. “Okay. Understood.”

She closed the door and left while thinking to herself that since they shared the same family name, Tony was probably his younger relative, and he must have caused some trouble.

It seemed there was a pile of family matters to deal with, even in the vice president’s home!

Shirley called the captain and mentioned this matter to him separately. The captain arranged for a car to be sent for her use. Shirley then drove toward the city center.

Half an hour later, after signing the bail contract and paying the bail at the police station, a handsome young man was led out. However, he already had a bruised and swollen face at this point.

Tony looked at the person who bailed him out, and his not-so-disciplined eyes lit up with surprise. He didn’t expect that his uncle would send a beautiful young girl to pick him up this time.

She looked good, and her figure was just his type. He speculated that she must be his uncle’s personal bodyguard.

“Tony, let’s go!” Shirley called out his name. Tony followed her into the car. His eyes were fixed on her as he reached out his hand. “Let me introduce myself. I’m Tony Flintstone. How should I address you, pretty lady?”

“I am here to pick you up on Mr. Flintstone’s orders. There’s no need for introductions.” After saying this, she drove away smoothly.


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