My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2257

Tony sat in the passenger seat while looking. carefree and leaning on his side as he stared straight at Shirley. She allowed him to scrutinize her; having received training, she had to remain composed even in the face of at major disaster.

“You’re really beautiful, and you’re the type I like.  Can I pursue you?” he asked straightforwardly. “I’m not interested in you, Shirley replied before glancing at him. Suddenly, she kind of understood why Zacharias exploded in anger just now. Tony was a troublemaker.

Tony snorted. “So, you’re interested in my uncle, huh? Do you like older men?”

Shirley didn’t want to engage in this conversation, so she remained silent. However, he was quite interested in continuing the chat. “I know my uncle is popular with women, but unfortunately, he doesn’t like women.”

She couldn’t help but ask, “So, does he like men?”

He burst into laughter. “Haha! I really wish my uncle could hear you say that. I want to see how furious he’d become.”

Shirley turned her head and gave him a stern look without saying a word. Tony raised an eyebrow. “It’s not my uncle’s problem for not liking women. He’s just immune to women. As far as I can remember, he has never liked any woman. Of course, he doesn’t like men either. He’s just a cold and ruthless political machine.”

Shirley was slightly speechless. Who would talk about their uncle like that? She stopped talking to Tony because she wasn’t interested in the affairs of the Flintstone Family. The car entered the Flintstone Residence, proceeded into the garden, and parked outside the hall.

Tony got out of the car and followed Shirley. “Hey, Miss. Can I get your contact information? Let’s grab a coffee sometime when you’re free.”

Shirley had just entered the hall when she saw the man sitting on the couch. She immediately came to stand behind him while maintaining a straight posture.

Feeling slightly guilty, Tony sat on the couch and greeted Zacharias reluctantly while covering his swollen face, “Uncle Zacharias.”

Zacharias’ gaze turned toward him, and a frustrated expression crossed his face. “Didn’t you promise me not to get into fights anymore?”

“I didn’t start it! They bullied the girl first, so I had to fight back.”

Zacharias snorted. “You were clearly the one at fault, yet you still try to justify yourself.” Tony shrugged. “I just went on a date! Is it my fault that girls like me?”

“Tony.” Zacharias’ gaze was stern. Tony immediately shrank back in fear while assuming an apologetic stance. “All right. All right. I promise I won’t ask someone else’s girlfriend out to a bar again. I assure you I won’t cause you trouble.”

“You’re twenty years old already, and you’re not a child anymore. Can’t you have a bit of decency?” Zacharias lectured.

Tony lowered his head and muttered, “I got it. I’ll bring honor to you, Uncle Zacharias.”

“Write a thousand-word self-critique. If it’s not good enough, keep writing until it is.” Zacharias imposed it as a punishment.

“What! Another self-critique? Can’t we have a different form of punishment? I don’t want that. I’d rather go out and sweep the streets than write a self-critique.” Tony refused with a determined expression.

“If you don’t write it, I’ll cancel your bail right now and send you in for a year to sober up properly,” Zacharias threatened. Tony immediately hung his head while looking like a wilted plant. “Fine. I’ll write it.”

After speaking, his gaze shifted to Shirley. He said to Zacharias, “Uncle Zacharias, can I stay here for a few days? I want to focus on writing.”

Upon seeing Tony’s apologetic attitude, Shirley found it quite problematic. She couldn’t believe that this young man, whom she saw as a younger brother, dared to make advances toward her.

“Sure,” Zacharias agreed. At that moment, Zacharias’ phone rang, and he walked toward the side hall to answer it. Tony took the opportunity to throw a flirtatious glance at her. Shirley ignored it and was completely unfazed.

After Zacharias finished the call, he asked Tony to return to his room. Shirley didn’t know what to do now, as Zacharias hadn’t given her any instructions. So, she stood guard at the door.


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