My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2258

The day quickly turned into an evening. Corinne arrived as she came to prepare dinner, and when she walked over, Shirley could see that her sharp gaze was filled with resentment.

“I’ll stay and attend to Mr. Flintstone tonight. You can leave,” Corinne said to her. Shirley frowned. “The captain didn’t tell me to leave.”

Zacharias also didn’t instruct her to leave. She couldn’t leave her post without authorization. “Hah! You think you’re so important, huh?”

Corinne mocked before heading toward the kitchen. “Mr. Flintstone’s nephew is also here. You need to cook for two people.” Shirley reminded her.

Corinne didn’t say anything, but she would follow Shirley’s reminder. Tonight, she hoped to be the one Zacharias chose to stay in the mansion.

While Shirley was standing guard at the door, someone suddenly tapped her shoulder. She reached back almost instinctively and grabbed the person’s hand before twisting his arm behind his back.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” Tony’s startled cry came through. Upon seeing that it was him, she immediately released him and warned him, “Don’t do this ever again.”

After experiencing Shirley’s prowess, he chuckled. “Pretty, you’ve got some skills. Can you teach me? If you do, next time I get into a fight, I won’t get beaten so badly.”

Shirley disliked his glib tongue and said sternly, “Mr. Flintstone, please mind your words.”

“You didn’t tell me your name, so I had to address you as ‘Pretty,” Tony reasoned. Shirley continued standing straight while ignoring his teasing.

“Ah! I’m exhausted. Writing a thousand words of self-critique is no joke. My uncle is so old- fashioned. He still makes me write self-critique in this day and age,” Tony complained as he stretched lazily.

“Oh! Someone’s cooking?” Tony dashed to the kitchen. In no time, he returned to Shirley before saying, “Are you two my uncle’s 24/7 personal bodyguards?”

“Yes,” Shirley replied.

“Am I also under your protection too?”

“No,” Shirley replied coldly. “You can’t treat me poorly. You must protect me along with my uncle.” Tony snorted. Then, his gaze wandered mischievously over Shirley. “If I encounter danger tonight, can you protect me up close?”

After saying that, he saw her fair hands clasped together. He reached out and intended to touch them. Shirley’s eyes flashed with anger. She grabbed his arm, pressed him toward the ground, and pinned him down as if he were a criminal, with his hands still in a humiliating position behind his back.

“If you offend me again, I won’t be polite,” Shirley warned him sternly. She wasn’t the type to stay silent when someone took advantage of her. Anyone who dared to touch her would face a grim fate.

Tony was in pain and sweating when he saw a tall figure coming down from the second floor. He called out without dignity, “Uncle Zacharias, save me.”

Upon seeing Zacharias coming down, Shirley immediately let go of Tony and resumed her guarding stance.

“Uncle Zacharias, she bullied me.” Tony immediately played the victim.

“You can’t even beat a girl, and you’re complaining?” Zacharias remarked disapprovingly. Tony became somewhat annoyed. “Uncle Zacharias, can you beat her?”

Zacharias didn’t answer the question. “Behave if you don’t want to be kicked out.”

Tony seized this opportunity and continued to tease Zacharias. “Uncle Zacharias, I bet you can’t beat her either. How about you two have a little match right now?”

Zacharias’ gaze shifted to the girl on guard duty, and there was indeed a glint of interest in his eyes. “Uncle Zacharias, you two can just have a little match in the garden outside. Let me witness your prowess,” Tony taunted. “Set an example for me!”

“Uncle Zacharias, come on! Show me your skills. Use those muscles of yours!” He was quite insistent. Shirley was speechless about Tony. Why did he have to suggest a match between her and Zacharias?


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