My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2260

As Shirley breathed heavily, there was a large hand around her waist, and her entire being was pressed against Zacharias’ chest like she was a startled bird. She immediately took a step back and said to the man with uneven breathing, I apologize.”

“Go back and rest,” Zacharias said to her. She had just retrieved her shoes, and now they were ruined. It was clearly a quality issue. She nodded and headed toward the direction of the dormitory.

Tony watched her slender figure while praising her. “She’s truly beautiful and cool. I like this. type of lady.”

Tony turned to the man behind him and said, “Uncle Zacharias, can you introduce her to me? I want her to be my girlfriend.”

“You’re not worthy of her.” Zacharias directly dismissed his idea.

Tony was speechless. He felt indignant and said, “Why am I not worthy of her? I’m your nephew. What’s lacking in me? Uncle Zacharias, don’t tell me you’re interested in her and want to keep her for yourself!”

Zacharias turned around and stared at Tony sharply. “Shut up and stop bringing shame to the family.”

Outside the courtyard, Shirley suddenly punched the nearby stone wall.

An unprecedented sense of defeat overwhelmed her, and it was Zacharias who gave her this feeling. Just now, she felt her own powerlessness and the feeling of exerting all her strength but still being unable to defeat the opponent-it was truly disheartening.

Who exactly was Zacharias? When he wore a suit, he was the distinguished Vice President, without the suit, he was a formidable martial artist.

She realized she had underestimated him. If he hadn’t pulled her just now, she would have definitely fallen embarrassingly. How infuriating!

This left a significant impact on Shirley’s emotions. She returned to her dormitory with a mix of frustration and begrudging acceptance.

After taking off her outer clothing and revealing her vest, she looked at the fresh bruises on her wrist. The man’s strength was indeed impressive.

She exhaled deeply and silently adjusted her emotions. At that moment, her phone rang. Her eyes widened as she looked at it-the sender was Cole.

‘Shirley, I heard that you’re in Averna. I got. transferred here today. Here’s my contact information for future convenience.’

Shirley joyfully covered her mouth as she was afraid that she might burst into laughter. She quickly replied, ‘Cole, I’m in Averna too. Which department have you been transferred to?”

‘The White House.”

Shirley became even happier, it was her great- uncle’s residence. It was great news to her as they would have more opportunities to meet.

‘Great! Let’s have a meal when you’re free! Shirley’s earlier frustration disappeared in an instant because her heart was filled with anticipation, even though she knew it would be some time before she could meet Cole.

Upon thinking that Cole was in Averna, she felt her heart brimming with vitality.

‘Sure! Let’s stay in touch, Cole replied. She looked at this message while silently thinking to herself, If only I could meet you every day.

However, she couldn’t tell him this, so she wrote

a simple reply. ‘Okay. Let’s stay in touch.”

After having dinner at the cafeteria, taking a shower, and getting ready to rest, her phone suddenly rang. She picked it up and saw an unknown number.

“Hello! Who’s this?” Shirley answered.

“Did I hurt you?” A low and magnetic voice came from the other end. Upon hearing the voice, Shirley recognized who it was and exclaimed, “Mr. Flintstone? You’re not asleep yet?”

“Are you injured?” he asked again. She replied casually, “It’s nothing. It’s common for me. I apologize if I offended you, Mr. Flintstone.”

“Tonight was just a spar. You don’t need to feel burdened. In my eyes, you’re already great.” He comforted her in a deep voice.

Shirley’s mind buzzed for a moment. Then, she said in a calm tone, “Thank you, Mr. Flintstone. You’ve helped me understand that I need to constantly improve myself.”

“Come over early tomorrow morning and accompany me outside,” the man said and then hung up the phone.


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