My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 2263

Shirley felt as if her head just exploded and her breath started becoming rapid. This man was going to the White House?

Just when she thought the worst wouldn’t happen! Zacharias’ ink-black eyes lingered on her face for a few seconds. Then, as if changing his mind, he said, “Oh! I have other things to attend to. I won’t go there today.” She finally breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this.

He took the lead into the elevator. There was a silent and amused smile on his lips. Shirley lowered her head and followed him into the elevator before standing behind him..

Zacharias’ convoy departed, but Shirley didn’t sit with him this time. Instead, she followed another car back to his residence.

When Shirley returned to the Flintstone Residence, Corinne suddenly appeared and stopped her. “Imogen, what tricks did you use? Why does Mr. Flintstone always ask you to do things and not me?”

Shirley was taken aback. She replied calmly, “I didn’t use any tricks. You should ask Mr. Flintstone about that.”

“I certainly can’t ask him, but I know you must have done something.” Corinne thought it must be the case. Otherwise, how could she receive such treatment?

Shirley really couldn’t explain this to her. She was also puzzled as to why Zacharias always gave her orders. Of course, if he didn’t give her any tasks, she would be more relaxed.

“Imogen, don’t do anything sneaky behind my back or try to seduce Mr. Flintstone. If I find out, you’re done for,’ Corinne threatened.

Shirley frowned. Why did Corinne always assume she was interested in Zacharias? Honestly, this man was outstanding, but Shirley already had someone in her heart and wouldn’t entertain thoughts about other men. Besides, she was a bit afraid of Zacharias deep down.

In the evening, Zacharias’ convoy stopped outside the gate, and the car he was in stopped at the entrance of the hall. Shirley and Corinne immediately went to welcome him. He got out of the car while holding a suit jacket in his hand. Corinne quickly stepped forward to take it from him.

Corinne was secretly happy while hugging the man’s suit, and her heartbeat accelerated. While she went to hang the suit up, she even leaned in to take a sniff. The woody scent of the man, which was refreshing and pleasant, made her heart flutter.

“Imogen, make me a cup of tea,” Zacharias instructed before going upstairs. Shirley hurriedly responded, “Certainly. Right away.”

He went upstairs, and Corinne immediately took over the task. “Imogen, let me handle this. You go tidy up the kitchen. I’m going to prepare dinner after this.”

Shirley was happy to comply. She nodded. “Sure.”

Corinne was skilled in the art of tea-making, so her tea-brewing skills were good. After preparing the tea, she carried it upstairs. Zacharias heard a knock on the door and said, “Come in.”

However, when he saw Corinne entering, he frowned slightly. Corinne placed the tea on his desk and smiled. “Mr. Flintstone, your tea.”

“Thank you,” Zacharias said very politely while flipping through his documents. Corinne sensibly exited the room. After she left, he let out a slight sigh of annoyance. Then, he took out his laptop and entered the most advanced system..

His slender fingers tapped away while entering: a name-Shirley Lloyd. Detailed information about her quickly appeared, along with a somewhat youthful photo. Zacharias’ gaze was fixed on the picture as he muttered, “Not much change from childhood.”

Then, he entered the name Imogen Young. The result displayed was that of a girl from a middle-class background, along with her photo. He smiled amusingly. “You’re quite capable, seeing as you dare to infiltrate my residence.”

This statement seemed to carry both praise and a hint of annoyance.

An incident from nineteen years ago flashed in Zacharias’ mind. At that time, he was ten years old and went to play at the White House. He got lost and searched for an exit for a long time but couldn’t find one.

Finally, he encountered a four-year-old girl. Shel was cute and enthusiastic. She guided him. through the complex gardens of the White House and led him out..


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